What is my child(ren) House Colour this year?

Once again St. Dominic will be dividing classes into house colours as a way to generate excitement and engagement around activities/events throughout the year.  If you are wishing to purchase Dragon Spirit wear that reflects your child’s house colour  the class assignment information will be helpful.

Blue House

  • Batiste
  • Detzler/Rodriguez/Bernad
  • Jolly
  • Kohler
  • Ross

Pink House

  • Bauer
  • Coelho
  • Herzog
  • McCutchen/Fielder
  • Tank

Red House

  • Cimermancic
  • Kuntz/Rowe
  • Montes
  • Pasqualino
  • Shermeto

Green House

  • Parisi
  • Johnston
  • Kropf
  • Schnarr
  • VanLooyen