Good morning Dragon Nation!

We hope each of our families and children are wrapping up your summer moments in a positive way. We know this coming school year will look quite unique, yet our staff have been preparing for this and are ready to welcome back our amazing students.

Information has been sent through our newswires and continues to be posted on our school and board websites. We simply thought another reminder with a few more updates would be helpful.

Please  check School Cash Online on Sunday evening to find out the name of your child’s teacher

New Kindergarten Drop-off and Pick-up Routines

We will be using the gated area at the side of the school to welcome and dismiss your child to and from school. Please drop off or pick up your child there as that is our designated entry/exit. Due to Covid-19, we ask that no parents/guardians enter the gated area in the morning. The supervisors will direct your child to their zone. When the bell rings, students line up and are brought inside the school. The students arriving to school via the school bus will exit the bus and enter the gated area with the assistance of helpers.

Kindergarten classes will be dismissed around 3:40 pm. For the students who go home via the school bus, ECEs will pick them up at their classroom and walk them to their appropriate bus. Please note that due to COVID-19, extended day needs to use the kindergarten yard at 3:45pm. Please be sure to leave the kindergarten yard immediately after you pick up your child to prevent the mixing of cohorts. Thank you for your cooperation.

Remote Learning vs. Face to Face Learning:

Our Board survey is now closed yet families wishing to switch their modalities will have an option after 4 weeks of instruction. This takes us to the time around Thanksgiving.

Current Class Placements/Start Up Forms:

All families should now be able to access School Cash Online and complete our start up forms. We ask that you do this as soon as possible.

Staggered Start/First Day:

A reminder that our staggered start is as such:

Early Years students will have all received a call from their classroom teacher at this point. Any questions our new families have should be directed toward your classroom teacher. We are so excited to welcome our newest Dragons!

Grades 1 to 8:

  • First day of school for Grades 1 and 2: Tuesday, September 8th
  • First day of school for Grades 3 and 4: Wednesday, September 9th
  • First day of school for Grades 5 and 6: Thursday, September 10th
  • First day of school for Grades 7 and 8: Friday, September 11th

*After your child’s first day, he/she will attend every day thereafter.

Remote Learners with our St. Isidore School will begin on September 14th. More direction from the Board will be delivered for these students.

As our start is now staggered, we will be asking students (in grades one to eight) arriving on their first day to meet on the back blacktop area to optimize spacing. Our receiving teachers will hold up signs with their grade assignments. Students meet their teachers, attendance is taken and then they enter quickly into their classrooms. Extra staff will be present guiding all students. Parents and caregivers will be permitted on the blacktop to share end of day pickup arrangements and then asked to leave.  We need to keep our students safe and not have community members on the property. As mentioned, extra staffing is available to escort bus students, extended day participants and all walkers during the entire first week.

If it is raining on these days, we will remain outside and distanced as we can. You may want to consider coming closer to the bell on these days.

After our first week of staggered start all students will have a sense of which entrance/exit to use regularly to avoid congestion. We have limited the number of classes coming in and out of each door.

Medical Information:

If your child has a medical concern and a plan of care is not included, complete the ‘Critical Medic Alert’ in your school start up forms within Cash Online. Epi-pens and inhalers are welcome on the first day.

And finally, a video to give our students a sense of how life at St. Dominic will look a little different this year:

Can’t wait to see you Dragons!