Dragon Update for September 10-14th

Welcome back Dragons to a new year of learning together!  We have had a wonderful summer filled with great weather and hopefully the chance to re-energize and rest for the upcoming school year!  This first week of school has been filled with lots of laughter, smiles and love…and we can’t forget the learning! Students have been engaged in various activities including lots of team building exercises that have students building balloon towers, playing rapid Pictionary and participating in epic games of Rock, Paper, Scissors all while getting to know their peers.  We know that the spirit and energy that we see the first week will continue all year long!

Welcome to our New Dragons!

We welcome many new Dragons here at St. Dominic.  We hope you feel welcome and loved. In addition to new students, we would like to welcome the following new staff members to our school community:

  1. Detzler – Early Years
  2. Wakeford-O’Brien – Itinerant Music
  3. Vitorino – FSL
  4. Hambleton – PLT
  5. Bernad – ECE
  6. Bradley – EA
  7. Meyer – ESL
  8. Poppe – LHS
  9. Haynes – LHS

Umbrella Project

We are very excited to announce that for the next two years we will be piloting “The Umbrella Project” at St. Dominic School.  This project is an interactive, inquiry-based project teaching the skills of emotional well being. Through classroom lessons and observation of the world around them, students will learn real life applications of each umbrella skill and gain deeper insight into why these skills are essential. The umbrella project highlights the synergy between all of the identified skills, which creates the strongest umbrella of well being. By the end, the students will create a bank of powerful and inspiring stories of emotional well being that they can reflect on for years to come.  Our first theme that we will be discovering is the theme of Gratitude.  We look forward to building our Umbrellas this year!  To read more about this initiative, please check out the link below:


Opening School BBQ

Our Opening School BBQ will take place on Thursday September 27th from 5:30-7.  Come and take the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and enjoy a hot dog/hamburger, chips and a pop.  We hope to see you there!

Safety Drills

It is our goal to continue to provide a warm, welcoming and safe learning environment for all.  The entire school community will be participating in various safety drills this upcoming week including both fire and lockdown drills.  Please continue to talk to your children about the importance of safety in a school environment. We take a lot of pride to ensure that we offer a safe environment and will continue to support students through this lens.

Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday September 11 – Fire Drill and Lockdown
  • Thursday September 13 – Fire Drill
  • Tuesday September 18 – Safety Patrol Training (PM)
  • Tuesday September 18 – Fire Drill
  • Thursday September 20 – WE Day!
  • Friday September 21 – PA Day