October 22-26

School Wide Daily Physical Activity

Our school community has started a new initiative with implementing whole school wide Daily Physical Activity.  Every Tuesday morning we are participating in physical activity in the forms of stretching, exercise and dance within all classrooms.  Our Intermediate mentors are visiting the younger grade classes and modelling the activity. It has been a great initiative thus far and the student are having a blast getting in some activity with their friends with movement and fun!

Polling Station

Monday Oct 22 is Election Day and St. Dominic’s is a Polling Station.  Please be aware that we will have many visitors in the school exercising their right to vote on Monday.  There will be more traffic in the parking lots and around the school. Use caution when dropping your children off and picking up on Monday.

New Math Curriculum

The new government released a new curriculum in math titled “The Fundamentals in Math.”  They have released a teachers and parent fact sheet to introduce the new curriculum. The link is below:


ESNS Lunch Program
The lunch program is back at St. Dominic School! If you’re tired of making lunches and are looking for some healthy options for your child, this is for you! Once again, Elementary School Nutrition Services (ESNS) will be offering lunch options to the students at St. Dominic’s every Thursday! This year they are partnering with Subway, Pita Pit, Boston Pizza and Holy Guacamole. Once a month on a Friday, they will also offer frozen yogurt and sorbet from Menchies! Simply go to www.esns.ca to register your child. Go to “Schools” and select “St. Dominic Savio School”, then register your child(ren). If you are in need of another note, please send your child to the office to pick one up!

Wellness Tip of the Week

The way kids think is very important.  Negative thinking about the self is a huge problem for many people of all ages. This thinking often starts in childhood. Children are getting constant messages that they may not be good enough. Many children get “stuck” in thinking this way from hearing negative messages about themselves and then repeating them over and over in their thoughts. Repetitive negative thinking about the self, others and the world can lead to future mental health struggles.

Notice your child’s language and comments about him or herself and others. If your child says negative things repeatedly, it is a problem. It usually means they aren’t feeling good about themselves and need support to problem-solve and change that type of thinking. When kids practice negative self-talk, it leads to lower self esteem and can contribute to low mood and worry. It can leave them more vulnerable to being bullied as well. Bullying is dangerous to self esteem especially if children already believe they are not good enough. Look out for your child’s inner bully. Negative thinking is dangerous to mental health because it builds on itself. It becomes automatic to think painful and self damaging thoughts, much like learning an instrument or a sport, but with a negative result rather than a positive one.

Our brains are designed to change when we repeat thoughts and actions over and over. For example, picture yourself and your child skiing or tobogganing. If you go over the same path again and again it will soon get very slippery and grooved in. It becomes faster and faster for the two of you to slide down that path. Our brains work in a similar way. If you and your child are rehearsing painful or mean thoughts, you may have become very good at something that hurts you. To change negative thinking patterns, the person must start a different and positive path and practice that instead. Once people get used to a new positive path, they follow it automatically and they start to feel happier.  (www.carizon.ca)

Math Matters!

Dates to Remember

  • Mon. Oct 22 – Grade 7 Boys and Girls HEP B and HPV Immunizations
  • Mon. Oct 22 – Election Day – St. Dom’s is a polling station
  • Mon. Oct 22 – Little Jammers Overview to SK-Grade 5 Classes
  • Wed. Oct 24 – Intermediate Girls Basketball – SEB at St. Dom’s
  • Thurs. Oct 25 – Subway Lunch
  • Thurs. Oct 25 – Grade 6 Trip to Camp Brebeuf
  • Fri. Oct 26 – PA DAY – no school
  • Mon. Oct 29 – Boys Volleyball – Holy Rosary at Dominic’s
  • Mon. Oct 29 – Girls Basketball – Dominic’s at Holy Rosary
  • Wed. Oct 31 – Halloween Dance for Grade 4-8
  • Thurs. Nov 1 – Grade 6 Trip to Camp Brebeuf
  • Thurs. Nov 1 – Holy Guacamole Lunch
  • Thurs. Nov 1 – MADD presentation for Grades 7 and 8
  • Fri. Nov 2 – Photo Retake Day