October 15-19

This week saw our students participating in many experiential opportunities outside of the regular classroom.  We had our school show their team spirit as they cheered on the athletes at the Laurier Football Game in addition to our Early Years students exploring what it was like to be on the farm as they travelled to Shantz Family Farms.  Our students had a great time and loved seeing the sights outside of the regular classroom walls!

New Math Curriculum

The new government released a new curriculum in math titled “The Fundamentals in Math.”  They have released a teachers and parent fact sheet to introduce the new curriculum. The link is below:


Thank you to our Bus Patrollers!

Our Bus Patrollers work hard to ensure that your students arrive home safely.  They help the Early Years students to their classroom doors and are ready in case of an emergency.  They are a dedicated and caring group of students!

Spirit Wear store closes Sunday at midnight!

Don’t forget to order your spirit wear!  The online store will be open until Sunday October 14th at midnight.  Just check out the link to the store below:


ESNS Lunch Program
The lunch program is back at St. Dominic School! If you’re tired of making lunches and are looking for some healthy options for your child, this is for you! Once again, Elementary School Nutrition Services (ESNS) will be offering lunch options to the students at St. Dominic’s every Thursday! This year they are partnering with Subway, Pita Pit, Boston Pizza and Holy Guacamole. Once a month on a Friday, they will also offer frozen yogurt and sorbet from Menchies! Simply go to www.esns.ca to register your child. Go to “Schools” and select “St. Dominic Savio School”, then register your child(ren). A note was sent home with all of the details.

Nutrition for Learning

Nutrition for Learning is back at St. Dominic’s and students are enjoying the opportunity to eat some nutritious snacks over the course of the day.  It takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Nutrition for Learning is an organization that is committed to improving the health and well-being of children in the Waterloo Region. We recently sent home a postcard for student donations to support this great program.  We are still collecting twoonies and are asking for your support in sending a twoonie to school with your child. Please consider doing so as it helps to keep this program up and running at our school. Thank you for your support and generosity.

Wellness Tip of the Week

Show kids that having a mix of struggle and strength is normal for everyone.

Teach your child that every person will experience times of strength and times of struggle. There is no shame in struggling. Often children are taught to focus way too much on the struggles they are having and get “stuck”, thinking they aren’t good enough. We need to help children balance the amount of time they focus on what is hard for them to learn and what their natural skills and passions are. Helping them build on what they naturally love is the secret to helping them grow self-esteem.

Counselling, social skill groups, life coaching and leisure activities are great ways of helping kids build skills they will need to be the best they can be. Taking your children to counselling, for example, to learn new coping skills in an area difficult for them, can be a big help to their growth and development. It does not mean that something is wrong with them. In fact, it makes them healthier, stronger and more confident people.


Math Matters!

Dates to Remember

  • Mon. Oct 15 – Intermediate Girls Basketball – St. Matt’s at St. Dom’s
  • Mon. Oct 15 – Intermediate Boys Volleyball – St. Dom’s at St. Matt’s
  • Wed. Oct 17 – Scientists in Schools – Grades 2 / 3 Herzog
  • Wed. Oct 17 – Intermediate Girls Basketball – St. Dom’s at St. Nick’s
  • Wed. Oct 17 – Intermediate Boys’  Volleyball – St. Nick’s at St. Dom’s
  • Thurs. Oct 18 – Boston Pizza Lunch
  • Fri. Oct 19 – Menchies Treat Day
  • Fri. Oct 19 – Cimermancic, Coehlo and Schnarr Class Trip To Shantz Farm
  • Mon. Oct 22 – Grade 7 Boys and Girls HEP B and HPV Immunizations
  • Mon. Oct 22 – Election Day – St. Dom’s is a polling station
  • Mon. Oct 22 – Little Jammers Overview to SK-Grade 5 Classes
  • Wed. Oct 24 – Intermediate Girls Basketball – SEB at St. Dom’s
  • Thurs. Oct 25 – Subway Lunch
  • Thurs. Oct 25 – Grade 6 Trip to Camp Brebeuf
  • Fri. Oct 26 – PA DAY – no school