November 26 – 30

Lots of Experiential Learning for our Dragons!

Our students learn in so many ways and we are blessed at St. Dominic’s to have our staff that plan and prepare lots of experiential learning opportunities outside of our regular classroom environment!  We have visits to the museum, Laurel Creek, Gymnastics Clubs, Theatre and the local Universities! Smiles are everywhere when our students get to learn in different environments and get to explore new places!

Stemmler’s is BACK!

We will continue this year with our fundraiser of Stemmler’s Meats. All proceeds from this fundraiser go to support school initiatives!  Order forms go out this week. Please take some time to order some delicious pepperettes and/or SUmmer Sausage Chubb’s for your family – just in time for the holidays!  Order forms are due December 3rd. There will be no late orders and all orders must be paid online or in cash. No cheques will be accepted. Thank you in advance for supporting our school fundraiser.

CP Holiday Train

The CP Holiday Train will be making a return trip to Cambridge this year to help support the work of the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.  The train will arrive in Cambridge Thursday, Nov. 29, at 4 p.m. This year the train is carrying the Sam Roberts Band and JoJo Mason, who will be performing from 4:15 to 4:45 p.m. at the old Galt Railway Station, 10 Malcolm St.  From Cambridge, the train will move on to Ayr, arriving about 5:20 p.m. at the CP crossing at Inglis and Wilson streets. The performance is set for 5:30 to 6 p.m.

Since CP established the Holiday Train program in 1999, it has raised more than $14.5 million and gathered 4.3 million pounds of food for local banks along its routes in Canada and the United States.  Anyone planning to see the holiday train is encouraged to bring along a non-perishable food donation for the food bank.

Please visit the following page for more information:

Wellness Tip of the Week – How to promote GRIT in your child


Welcome boredom and frustration.

Success rarely occurs on the first try. In fact, there’s usually a pretty long road peppered with all sort of bumps and potholes to navigate along the way. Being confused, frustrated, and sometimes completely bored out of your mind is part of the journey. And when kids understand that learning isn’t supposed to be easy all the time—and that having a tough time doesn’t mean they’re stupid—perseverance comes easier.

  • Teach It: Instead of jumping in with a solution when your child hits a roadblock, see if she can come up with a way around it on her own. Say she’s struggling to build a school project. Resist every urge to do it for her. Then if it’s clear she’s at a loss, talk her through the problem: “It looks like you’re really having a hard time getting that roof to stay in place. What do you think might work instead?” Help her to think through what the steps might be instead of telling her what they are. “It’s so much more powerful for a child to be able to deal with adversity and overcome it,” says Paul Tough, author of How Children Succeed. “What the child takes from that experience is, ‘Hey, I can solve things.’”

Math Matters!

Dates to Remember

  • Wed. Nov 28 – Tank/Johnston Class Trip Gymnastics
  • Wed. Nov 28 – Cambridge Soccer Presentation for Grade 3 students
  • Wed. Nov 28 – Grade 8 Parent Night at Ress
  • Thurs. Nov 29 – Maker Space for Ms. Schnarr’s class
  • Thurs. Nov 29 – Grade 3 KW Art Gallery visit
  • Thurs. Nov 29 – Holy Guacamole Lunch
  • Fri. Nov 30 – Menchies Treat Day
  • Fri. Nov 30 – School Confessions
  • Sat. Dec 1 – Confirmation and First Communion Enrollment Mass at St. Mark’s Parish – 5:00pm
  • Sun. Dec 2 – Advent begins
  • Mon. Dec 3 – Santa Hat Day
  • Mon Dec 3 – Stemmlers Order Forms Due
  • Mon Dec 3 – Advent Celebration – 9:45am
  • Tues. Dec 4 – Makerspace for Mrs. Coehlo’s class
  • Wed. Dec 5 – Shermeto’s Class Trip Gymnastics
  • Thurs. Dec 6 – Makerspace for Mrs. Batiste’s class
  • Thurs. Dec 6 – Grade 3 KW Art Gallery visit
  • Thurs. Dec 6 – Pita Pit Lunch
  • Fri. Dec 7 – PD Day