November 19-23

Bible Celebration

The Church has preserved and passed on the Word of God from generation to generation. In art, music, and liturgy, the Word of God has been proclaimed, celebrated, and treasured. Recognizing that we are all called to grow in faith and the love of Christ, we were very proud this week as our Grade 4 students received their bible this week from Father Steve.  Knowing God’s Word teaches and guides us to act as a conduit of His love for all. Fantastic job to our Grade 4 students and their teacher leaders Ms. Kohler and Mrs. Johnston.

Bus Evacuation a success!

All of our students participated in a Bus Evacuation earlier this week.  Students were taken through what to do in case of an emergency on the bus and practiced the skills to exit the bus safely and securely.  A special thanks to our bus patrollers who supported the training!

Stemmler’s is BACK!

We will continue this year with our fundraiser of Stemmler’s Meats. All proceeds from this fundraiser go to support school initiatives!  Order forms go out this week. Please take some time to order some delicious pepperettes and/or SUmmer Sausage Chubb’s for your family – just in time for the holidays!  Order forms are due December 3rd. There will be no late orders and all orders must be paid online or in cash. No cheques will be accepted. Thank you in advance for supporting our school fundraiser.


Wellness Tip of the Week – How to promote GRIT in your child



Be a nudge.

No one wants to be that mom, the one who pushes her child every step of the way. But it’s OK to let your kids know that you expect them to do their best and to create a structure that will help them do it. When Jill Gawrych’s 10-year-old daughter came home from school excited about the number of laps she’d run during gym, mom asked how the other kids did. “That’s when I realized that she ran only about half as many,” says Gawrych. “It turns

out that she ran with a friend to keep her company, which is fine, but we ended up talking about how someone else’s best isn’t always yours.”

  • Teach It: Simply sharing what the expectations are, like Gawrych did, is the first step. But when your child is learning any new skill, athletic, musical, or otherwise, nudging also means scheduling—and insisting on—practice times. “I haven’t yet heard of a kid who is completely self-winding,” Duckworth says. There’s nothing wrong with setting aside a daily practice time. Your child will probably still whine about it, but if you’re consistent, the complaints should decrease over time, and your child may even begin to appreciate the benefits later on.

Math Matters!

Dates to Remember  

  • Tues. Nov 20 – Safe Tech Use Presentation – Intermediates
  • Tues. Nov 20 – School Council Mtg 6:15pm
  • Tues. Nov 20 – Stemmlers Fundraiser Forms go home
  • Wed. Nov 21 – Laurier vs. Waterloo Hockey Game – Grades 4-8
  • Thurs. Nov 22 – Johnston and Kohler Class trip to Laurel Creek
  • Thurs. Nov 22 – Subway Lunch
  • Wed. Nov 28 – Tank/Johnston Class Trip Gymnastics
  • Thurs. Nov 29 – School Liturgy – GRIT
  • Thurs. Nov 29 – Grade 3 KW Art Gallery visit
  • Thurs. Nov 29 – Holy Guacamole Lunch
  • Fri. Nov 30 – School Confessions