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Weekly Dragon Update May 28 – June 1

Dragon Update for May 28 – June 1

EQAO Testing

Our Grade 3 students have worked hard this last week to complete their EQAO testing!  They persevered and overcame challenges by problem solving and having a growth mindset.  We were able to celebrate on Friday with a freezie treat! Way to go Dragons!

Our Grade 6 students have started writing and will continue to write this week.  We appreciate your continued support to ensure that your son/daughter is at school on time and feeling nourished and ready to show all that they know!

Mount Mary

Our Grade 8 students returned from a 3 day spiritual retreat in which they reflected on their personal faith journey and how they are called to be people of God.  With the leadership of Mr. VanLooyen, Mr. Ross, Mme. Axe and Ms. Shermeto, the students participated in various activities and challenges that supported teamwork, resilience and love.  Upon their return they were surprised to see the rest of the school waiting for their return with posters, flags and lots of high fives as they paraded around the school. We are glad to have our Grade 8’s back at St. Dominic’s!

PD Day

Just a reminder that this Friday June 1st is a PD Day.  This means that there is no school for the students.

Math Riddle of the Week

Which one doesn’t belong?

Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. May 28 – Grade 6 EQAO continues all week
  2. Tues. May 29 – ECO Team lunch at noon
  3. Wed. May 30 – Floor Hockey at lunch
  4. Wed. May 30 – Ukelele Club at noon
  5. Wed. May 30 – Mad Science at lunch
  6. Thurs. May 31 – Boston Pizza Lunch
  7. Thurs. May 31 – School Skate Program for all Grade 1’s
  8. Fri. June 1 – PD Day