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Weekly Dragon Update May 13 – 17

Dragon Update for May 14 – 18


What a beautiful celebration that took place on Friday evening for our Grade 7 students receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit as they made their Confirmation. It was wonderful to see everyone out to celebrate our students.  A special thank you to St. Mark’s parish community along with Mrs. Pasqualino, Mrs. Bauer and Ms. Shermeto in preparing our students for this special day. Blessings to our students, “As you are confirmed, may God’s counsel guide you in every situation, may His purpose lead you throughout your life and may His wonderful love bless you wherever He leads.”

Track and Field

Thank you to all our parent volunteers who helped make our Track and Field day a glowing success. The spirit of camaraderie and support made it a magnificent day. We witnessed countless students setting personal bests as they continue to discover gifts and qualities in themselves. The number of graduates that came to support and visit speaks to the amazing community we have. Great work Dragons! You have yet to run your fastest time!

STEM Night – Thursday May 17th – 6:00 – 8:00pm

On Thursday we invite our St. Dominic community to participate in our STEM night!  You are invited to carousel around the many classes and enjoy science, math, engineering and technology activities.  There will be prizes to win and food to eat! Special thanks to the School Council for securing a grant for this evening.  We hope you can join us!

Math Riddle of the Week

 Show where one-half is on this number line. Tell how you know you are correct.

 Where is 2-halves on this number line? Tell how you know that!

  • Early Years/Primary: Show 3 different parts on the number line and tell how you know what they are.
  • Junior: Show 6 different parts on the number line and tell how you know what they are.
  • Intermediate: Show 8 different parts of the number lines and tell how you know!


Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. May 14 – ECO School Verification Walk Through
  2. Mon. May 14 – University of Waterloo Science visits all week
  3. Tues. May 15 – Sustainable Cities Presentation – Grade 4 / 5 Johnston
  4. Wed. May 16 – Swim to Survive – Montes at 9:45
  5. Wed. May 16 – Floor Hockey at lunch
  6. Wed. May 16 – Ukelele Club at noon
  7. Thurs. May 17 – STEM Night from 6-8pm
  8. Thurs. May 17 – Mrs. Berg’s Trip to Steckle Farm
  9. Thurs. May 17 – Grade 1 and 4 Trip to Safety Village
  10. Thurs. May 17 – Swim to Survive – Herzog and Parisi at 9:45
  11. Thurs. May 17 – School Skate Program for Grade 1
  12. Thurs. May 17 – Subway Lunch
  13. Fri. May 18 – Mrs. Kuntz and Ms. Detzler’s Trip to Steckle Farm
  14. Fri. May 18 – Jump Rope for Heart in the AM
  15. Fri. May 18 – Crazy Hair Day
  16. Fri. May 18 – Menchies Treat Day