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Weekly Dragon Update March 19 – 23

Dragon Update for March 19 – 23

Welcome Back!

We are excited to welcome back all of our Dragons after March break.  Our hope is that you were able to create some new memories with your family and friends during the week.  We are in the second half of the school year and know that you will all finish strong!

Sliming of Mr. R and Mrs. Papp!

Due to the amazing fundraising efforts of our Dragons, Mr. R and Mrs. Papp were SLIMED!  Thanks to everyone that supported this creative venture and in helping support our school fundraiser!  

Math Riddle of the Week!

Try your luck at solving the puzzle below!

Lenten Promises

We are in the midst of Lent and are reminded that this time is one of sacrifice.  Listed below are some Lenten Activities that you can try with your family at home.  

Links of Love
Help children brainstorm simple ways to make helpful and meaningful contributions to family, school, and parish life. Every time someone cheerfully serves or helps another, the child can make that act of love concrete by adding a link to a Love Chain. Have children decorate their links. Use the Love Chain to decorate a room for Easter.

Lenten Promise Posters
Help children brainstorm a list of ways that they can change their lives during Lent to become more like Jesus. Invite children to choose one or two ideas that they will do this Lent. Then have children make posters to remind them of their Lenten promises. Have children display them where they will be seen each day.

Pray the Rosary
The Rosary is a great prayer to pray during Lent. Take the time to pray the rosary with your family during the Lenten season.

Illustrating Jesus’ Journey
Distribute art supplies. Instruct children to make their own illustration of Jesus overcoming temptation in the desert. When children have finished, display children’s work where they can see.

Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. March 19th – Easter Colouring Contest begins
  2. Wed. March 21st – Picture Day – Spring Casual and Sibling Photos
  3. Thurs. March 22nd – School Wide Confession with Father
  4. Thurs. March 22nd – Pita Pit lunch
  5. Fri. March 23rd – Humane Society Visits
  6. Fri. March 23rd – Concussion Presentation – Grades 5-8