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Weekly Dragon Update Feb 19 – 23

Dragon Update for February  19-23

Happy Family Day from St. Dominic Savio!









“The family is a big training ground, dedicated to teaching devotion and forgiveness”. The Pope challenges families to never end the day on a bad note, but to “ask forgiveness”. “If we learn to ask forgiveness straight away and to forgive one another immediately, wounds will heal, marriages will be strengthened, families will grow stronger”.  Our wish is that you were able to spend some time with your family this weekend and to remember that the love of a family is one of life’s greatest blessings.  


Way to Go Dragons!! Together we raised $7375.00 from our dance-a-thon fundraiser!!! Thank you once again to all the families who generously donated pledges and their time – without you none of this is possible. Thank you also to the staff and student leaders who helped make this day a success! All classroom and individual winners will be announced Tuesday morning!

Shrove Tuesday

We are so blessed to have such great parent support at St. Dominic’s!  Our school council along with parent volunteers and Intermediate leaders were instrumental in ensuring that all 460+ students had a wonderful pancake breakfast to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  Student bellies were full and the importance of Shrove Tuesday was presented loud and clear!  What a great day!

Ash Wednesday

We start our Lenten season with Deacon Basil as a large school community to honour Ash Wednesday.  Students reflected on their Lenten promises and received their ashes to remember the sacrifices made for us.  Thank you to Deacon Basil for explaining and encouraging our Dragons to pray more, sacrifice more and give more over this Lenten season.

Math Riddle of the Week!

5 Flags to a Side

A building is being prepared for opening. People are decorating the building with 12 flags. At first they arrange the flags 4 to a side, as shown, but then they see that the flags can be arranged 5 to a side using only 12 flags. How?

Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. Feb 19 – Family Day Holiday!
  2. Tues. Feb 20 – Olympic/Multicultural Week
  3. Thurs. Feb 22 – Junior Division at ComDev
  4. Thurs. Feb 22 – Pita Pit Lunch
  5. Thurs. Feb 22 – Girl Power Group after school
  6. Fri. Feb 23 – Grade 6 Retreat to Resurrection