December 3 – 7

Thank you  to Mr. Ross our convener and Mrs. Evans-Martin and Mr. Kropf our coaches for making our large school basketball tourney another glowing success.

Stemmler’s orders are due on Monday!!!

This is your last chance to participate in our Christmas Fundraiser and order some pepperettes!  All fundraised dollars go towards our St. Dominic community. Please ensure that all orders are in by Monday as no late orders will be accepted.  Stemmlers will be available for pick up on Thursday December 13th at the Family Christmas Night. Thank you in advance for your support!


We will be participating in Mass on December 20th at St. Mark’s church.  The permission form is on cash online and we ask that all parents sign the permission form as soon as possible.  Please let the front office know if you have any concerns.

COBS Bread Fundraiser

St. Dominic’s has partnered with COBS Bread located 245-6 at the Boardwalk on Ira Needles in an on-going, year round fundraiser.

What we need from our school families is your support by shopping at COBS Bread at the Boardwalk. Before you pay for your transaction, let the cashier know your child(ren) attends St. Dominic’s Savio, it’s that simple!  Your total will be added to our schools “tab” and in June, the school will receive 10% of that total back which can be utilized to fund different programs/initiatives within the school.

COBS Bread is the local community bakery, offering a huge bread selection, sweet and savoury treats, all baked on premise, from scratch, without added preservatives! Products are Baked Today ~ Sold Today! All their unsold product is donated to local charity partners through our ‘End of Day Giving’ Program.   

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our school council members:
Laura Bossenberry – or
Jamie Perham –


St. Dominic has greenhouses!  Our staff will be using greenhouses to support our instructional teaching in our classrooms.  We will need some pots to start growing. If you have any extra pots that you are willing to donate, please drop them off to the main office.  Thank you in advance for your support! A special thank you to our School Council for supporting this initiative and purchasing the greenhouses!

Cold Winter Days

With the winter months approaching, winter safety is an important consideration. Children should always come to school dressed appropriately for the outside each day. Even in extreme cold when they might be kept inside, there is always the consideration of coming to and from school, as well as the risk of an emergency procedure where we must evacuate the building. When the snow hits the ground, students are going to be tempted to play in it. There will be no throwing snow or ice. Snow must be left on the ground. Students should also follow the direction of the supervision staff about playing on snow piles. Sometimes these piles will be deemed off-limits. School winter safety policies are designed to protect everyone on school property from injury.

During periods of severe weather your best sources of information about possible school closing and/or school bus cancellation is the School Board Website or a local radio stations. Please do not call the school. For further information, refer to student’s agenda.

Wellness Tip of the Week – How to promote GRIT in your child


Let him fall — and model resilience.

Being able to pick himself up from low moments is probably the most important skill a child can learn. Sarah McCoy’s oldest son was devastated when he didn’t do well in a chess tournament. The Eugene, OR, mom tried bucking him up, but eventually just gave him time to feel his negative emotions. “Later, I told him, ‘Chess is mostly a game of skill, but it’s also somewhat a game of chance,’” McCoy says. “I reminded him that it’s possible to be smart and accomplished, and still lose.”

  • Teach It: Share your own struggles. Kids learn from the adults around them, so if you want your children to handle setbacks with grace, model calm and determination in the face of yours. “Lots of parents don’t want to talk about their failures in front of their kids, but that’s denying kids the potentially powerful experience of seeing their parents bounce back,” Tough says. “If they see that adults can mess up and then come back and solve a problem, that’s an important example they can use.” McCoy takes this advice to heart and reminds her kids all the time that failure is nothing to be afraid of. “All of the most successful people in the world will tell you that it’s about trying again for the 112th time,” she says. “When you give up after a failure, you never get anywhere.”

Math Matters!

Communicating with Children Using Math Language – Talking About Math:

Talking about mathematics with your child – whatever his or her age – helps strengthen his or her mathematical reasoning and understanding.  Some ways to keep the talk engaged and focused while you support your child include:

  1. Revoice – Repeat what you heard your child say, then ask for clarification (e.g., “So you are saying it’s an odd number?”).
  2. Repeat/Restate  – Ask your child to restate your reasoning (e.g., “Can you repeat what I said in your own words?”).
  3. Reason – Ask your child to apply his or her own reasoning to someone else’s reasoning (e.g., “Do you agree or disagree? Tell me why.”).
  4. Adding On – Prompt your child to participate further (e.g., “What more would you add to that?”).
  5. Think Time – Wait several seconds (try five) to give your child time to think (e.g., “Take some time to think.”). You may be surprised by how hard it is to stay silent in that time!

Dates to Remember

  • Sat. Dec 1 – Confirmation and First Communion Enrollment Mass at St. Mark’s Parish – 5:00pm
  • Sun. Dec 2 – Advent begins
  • Mon. Dec 3 – Santa Hat Day
  • Mon Dec 3 – Stemmlers Order Forms Due
  • Mon Dec 3 – Advent Celebration – 9:45am
  • Tues. Dec 4 – Makerspace for Mrs. Coehlo’s class
  • Wed. Dec 5 – Shermeto’s Class Trip Gymnastics
  • Thurs. Dec 6 – Makerspace for Mrs. Batiste’s class
  • Thurs. Dec 6 – Grade 3 KW Art Gallery visit
  • Thurs. Dec 6 – Pita Pit Lunch
  • Fri. Dec 7 – PD Day
  • Mon. Dec 10 – Batiste and Schnarr – Class trip to Laurel Creek
  • Tues. Dec 11 – School Council Mtg at 6:15pm
  • Wed. Dec 12 – Cambridge Minor Soccer Presentations
  • Wed. Dec 12 – Shermeto’s class to KW Gymnastics
  • Thurs. Dec 13 – Boston Pizza Lunch
  • Thurs. Dec 13 – Family Christmas Night
  • Thurs. Dec 13 – Grade 3 KW Art Gallery visit
  • Thurs. Dec 13 – Herzog class trip to Laurel Creek
  • Fri. Dec 14 – Popcorn Day
  • Fri. Dec 14 – Makerspace for Mr.s Herzog’z class
  • Fri. Dec 14 – Science Olympics for Grade 6 at Resurrection