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Weekly Dragon Update – Dec. 18th – 22nd

Dragon Update for December 18-22

Advent – Week 3 – JOY!

This week we prepare for the third week of Advent.

How to Choose Joy!

  • Share: Invite each family member to share one thing that they’re trusting God to handle.
  • Encourage: Write a note to someone who is experiencing fear and worry. Let them know you’re praying that God will give them the courage they need.
  • Evaluate: Make an inventory of the things that bring you joy.
  • Express: Make the time and space to share a meal and a fun experience. This is such a busy week! Don’t miss the joy of sharing the experience of Christmas with each other.

Peace Tree Team

Our Peace Tree Team is working hard at gathering and preparing items for their Annual Christmas Craft Sale!  The sale will take place all next week!  All proceeds will be going to support global efforts.  We hope you will be able to come by and see the crafts for sale.

Student of the Month

We celebrated another student of the month luncheon that focussed on peace.  Students enjoyed having lunch with each other, listening to Christmas music and sharing in a candy cane treat.  Congratulations to everyone!

French Plays!

Our Grade 5 students were fantastic as they showed their parents and the school community their oral communication skills as they performed their French Plays.  They created costumes, wrote scripts and performed proudly.  The library was buzzing with the excitement and accomplishments of all students.  Special thanks to Mme. Reist and Mme. Tank for their leadership.

Numeracy Talk!

Riddles work!  Take a look at some of the benefits of working on riddles with your children at home.

Riddles work their brains: Problem solving and critical thinking skills are two of the most important and sought after abilities in society today. Riddles have been shown to improve children’s comprehension and creativity, making them the perfect prep for children.

Reading comprehension: Most students can read to some extent, but this doesn’t mean that they can read quickly enough or understand difficult content that will enable them to be useful in the workforce. Riddles can help out with this by expanding vocabulary and increasing the ability to understand context.

Expand their vocabulary: When children encounter words that they don’t understand they figure them out through context. Riddles give words a great deal of context which makes it easier for children to learn, remember and use these words. In another way, riddles force kids to ask more questions about words they don’t understand.

Giving them the opportunity to teach: Teaching kids riddles allows them to know and understand something that most other people do not, giving them an opportunity to repeat them and teach them to others. When children learn riddles it’s very different from most of what they learn, they can teach these riddles to their peers, parents, and teachers. This reinforces their understanding of the riddle and it also allows them to interact with people in a constructive social way.

Try these at home!

Quotes of the Week – “What do you like to do in the snow?”

  • JK – I like to make snow angels.
  • Grade 2 – My friends and I make forts and hide from one another.
  • Grade 3 – I like to make a snowman and sometimes throw snowballs but not at school!
  • Grade 5 – I like to go sledding with my family.  We have hot chocolate and go at night.
  • Grade 7 – I am a snowboarder and I like the speed of going down the hill.  I like to do tricks as well.
  • Parent – I like to go for nighttime walks in the snow with our family.  We look at all the lights.  It is just beautiful!

Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. Dec 18 – Advent Week 3 Celebration over the Announcements at 9:30am
  2. Tues. Dec 19  – Free the Children Christmas Craft Sale
  3. Tues. Dec 19 – Cimermancic Primary Maker Space – 12:20pm
  4. Wed. Dec 20 – Mass at St. Mark’s Parish (10:00am)
  5. Wed. Dec 20 – Student of the Month Luncheon @ 12:20
  6. Wed. Dec 20 – Resurrection Music Concert – whole school 1:00pm
  7. Thurs. Dec 21 – Subway Lunch Orders
  8. Thurs. Dec 21 – Christmas Sweater Day
  9. Fri. Dec 22-  Santa Hat Day
  10. Fri. Dec 22 – Grade 7/8 Bowling Trip – 1-3:30pm
  11. Fri. Dec 22 – Mrs. Campbell Christmas Celebration – 9-11:30am


God Bless!

Pat & Heather