It is with great enthusiasm we congratulate the February Students of Month,  on a job well done!   The Theme for February was “Mindfulness”.
To celebrate, St. Dominic Savio will be holding a pizza lunch on Friday, March 8th, 2019.   This lunch will be a pepperoni &/or cheese pizza from Gino’s Pizza.  The lunch will be held at 12:00pm in the Learning Commons.  Thank you to all Students for setting an amazing example for all Dragons!
Please see a list below of the Students who were rewarded in February:

STAFF NAME GR Students:  First and Last Name
DETZLER, Sarah JKK4 Westley K, Liza O
KUNTZ, Kate JKK5 Henley B, Dan A
McCUTCHEON, Nancy JKK6 Hannah H, Mateo M
COELHO, Anne 1A Marko R, Maiyanna C
CIMERMANCIC, Monica 1B Ronica A. &  Zara M.
SCHNARR, Kerri 1/2 Sophie H.
BATISTE, Alison 2 Nina O.
HERZOG, Cathy 2/3 Liam D.
MONTES, Nancy 3 Emma C & Tyson Z
PARISI, Daniela 3 Kiera L, Joanna L
KOHLER, Brittany 4 Julianna M
JOHNSTON, Leia 4/5 Owen Z, Bethel L
TANK, Alicia 5 Kara D
JOLLY, Todd 5 Jacob C, Keagan H
KROPF, MARK 6 Sam A, Hailey H
SHERMETO, Laura 6 Azrael J, Silas W
PASQUALINO, Maggie 7B James W
VAN LOOYEN,  Tony 8A Andrew B
ROSS, Brian 8B Owen S
CAMPBELL, Sue PT Herzog gr.⅔ -Nolan B

Schnarr gr.½ -Sophie H

Batiste gr.2 – Lucas B

MCKENZIE, Heather/

D’Arcy Shannon

PT Willem P(Montes)

Maximus N (Parisi)

Johannes L(Detzler)

Ivan A (Kuntz)

Ava L (McCutcheon)

HAMBLETON, Brittany Rachel (Cimerancic)

Gabriel (Coelho)

ACX, Hilde FSL Kadeema W(g6 Kropf)
EVANS MARTIN, Carmel FSL Gabby M (Grade 6 Shermeto)
VITORINO, Angela IF Luca D