Great News Dragon Nation! As of Tuesday, February 25th, St. Dominic Savio is going completely litterless for our snacks and lunches! As part of our ongoing school improvement plan, we are reducing our eco footprint by reducing the amount of waste/litter here at school. What does this mean for you? We are asking that all lunches/snacks/drinks come in reusable containers that are taken home with the students every day. Any waste that is created will be brought home by the student to dispose of there. We are hoping that each family can have a plan and discussion with their kids as to how they can help us achieve our goal. Please see the attached letters for more information, and, as well, look for upcoming news/items in our weekly Dragon Update. Thanks for your support and consideration with regards to this initiative! Go Dragons!

St. Dominic’s Goes Litterless

St. Dominic’s Litterless Introduction