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2020/2021 Start Up Forms

The following 2020/2021 Start Up forms are mandatory and will be accessible through School Cash Online.

  • Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC), Nomination of Parent Candidate
    Form APSC001-01F | Elementary/Secondary | Grades: All
  • Concussion Code of Conduct – Parent/Guardian
    Form APH027-15F | Elementary/Secondary | Grades: All
  • Concussion Code of Conduct – Student-Athlete
    Form APH027-14F | Elementary/Secondary | Grades: All
  • Critical Medical Alert
    Form: APH030-01F | Elementary/Secondary | Grades: All
  • Do Not Ride – Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region
    Form: STSWR | Elementary/Secondary | Grades: All
  • Emergency Dismissal
    Form:  APH008-01F | Elementary | Grades: All
  • Intramurals Consent
    Form: APH027-07F | Elementary/Secondary | Grades: All
  • Lunch Arrangement
    Form:  SCH001F | Elementary | Grades: All
  • Responsible Use of Technology & Electronic Data Access, Students Grades JK to 3
    Form: APS017-01 | Elementary | Grade: JK
  • Responsible Use of Technology & Electronic Data Access, Students Grades 4 to 8 Consent
    Form: APS017-02 | Elementary | Grade: 4
  • Student Image, Video or Voice Recording Including Media Use – Consent
    Form: APC023-02F | Elementary/Secondary | Grades: All
  • Walks around the Neighbourhood – Education Excursion Consent –
    Form:  APO004-08F | Elementary| Grades: All
  • Student Personal Information, Collection/Use/Disclosure Notice (Read Only)
    Appendix: APC023-AX | Elementary/Secondary | Grades: All
  • Violence Threat Risk Assessment (Read Only)
    Pamphlet | Elementary/Secondary | Grades: All


Student Personal Information Collection/Use/Disclosure Notice & Violence Threat Risk Assessment
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