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Welcome to the St. Dominic School community web site! We are a truly vibrant faith community that takes pride in developing passion, patience and perseverance in your child(ren). We believe that every student is a gem that has the capability of illuminating the world in their own special way. As a staff, we will work tirelessly to create opportunities for students to share their gifts, celebrate their uniqueness and be the best they can be. We feel fortunate to be part a school team focused on developing the whole child (mind, body and spirit) through a commitment to high expectations and collaboration.

Our school is blessed with a caring, talented staff committed to creating opportunities for students to share their wonderful gifts. Under the guidance and leadership of our St. Mark parish priest, Father Steve Merrin, the students will have the opportunity to grow and flourish through the sacraments and our daily life. We place great value on our three cornerstones of community-school, home, and church! Together we can prepare our 21st century learners for a productive meaningful life, tolerant of differences, while working together in the image of Jesus Christ. We have the privilege of educating our children in a Catholic school system and it is the responsibility of all of us to be the “Face of God.”

At St. Dominic we are fortunate to have a school council that has, and continues to be, a tremendous support to our school community. As well, we have dedicated volunteers who give of their time and energy to enrich the learning experience of all our students. Collectively, we have created an environment where it is safe to challenge, learn and grow.

It is our hope that all families will use this web page to stay up-to-date with all the activities that will be taking place at St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School. Our monthly newsletters will be posted on this site at the beginning of each month. Please also sign up to receive copies of the school newsletter through your email. We acknowledge and celebrate the support that you as parents provide for our children and look forward to working alongside you in supportive manner. Please contact us at the school if you have any questions or concerns. We thank you for your continued interest in your child(ren)’s education. Together we will make this year your child’s best year yet!

“We can do all things through Christ who strengthens Us”

Admin Team:
Pat Runstedler and Richard Setler

WCDSB Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

“As disciples of Christ, we educate and nurture hope in all learners to realize their full potential to transform God’s world.”

Our Vision:

“Our Catholic Schools: heart of the community — success for each, a place for all.”

WCDSB Code of Conduct:

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of the individual. All individuals concerned with the school system -trustees, staff, students, parents, visitors to schools –are subject to the following code of conduct; a code of conduct that will be implemented within the Catholic faith life experience of each school community and consistent with the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, the Safe School’s provisions of the Education Act and Regulations and the constitutional right of Catholic school boards to manage their schools as stated through section 93 of the Constitution Act, 1867. APC 018 Code of Conduct

Important Information

Homework? Who needs it!

Students benefit from homework in the best of ways. In their own time and their own style they can review what was covered in class.
Homework improves students’ understanding and retention of material covered earlier in the classroom. Study skills are developed: time
management is learned. Through homework our students gain independence, initiative, responsibility and self-discipline. Homework is a valuable teaching tool; teachers get feedback about student understanding and can use this information to identify and
plan different levels of support for students individually. Homework calls for support from parents. That has benefits too! Parents can see what their children are working on and they can help
monitor their child’s progress and communicate more effectively with teachers about what is being studied in school. Homework is directly connected to the Ontario Curriculum and therefore supports students’ achievement of provincial learning
expectations in all subjects. Results of homework completion are reported in the provincial report card under the ‘Learning Skills’ section.

Tips for Parents:

  • Establish a routine: work out a regular homework schedule that might help avoid procrastination.
  • Give space for homework: create a bright and quiet space free of distractions where your child can concentrate on schoolwork.
  • Be a role model: read a book or newspaper while your child completes his/her homework.
  • Be positive about homework: let your child know how important school is. The attitude you have about homework will have a
    big influence on your child’s attitude about homework.
  • Supply learning materials: make sure the materials your child needs (paper, pencils, calculator, dictionary etc.) are available.
  • Encourage organization: ask your child to show you their school agenda regularly. Let them see you record deadlines and
    important events in a work or family calendar.
  • Show an interest: chat to your child about their school day and ask them to explain their homework assignments to you.
  • Stay informed: communicate with teachers about what your child is learning. Let them know if you have any questions
    or concerns and that they can call you if there is a problem.
  • Set limits: if homework is meant to be done by your child alone, stay away. Too much parental involvement can take away from
    the positive effects of homework, such as developing independent work and study skills.
  • Praise your child: offer words of encouragement for successfully completing homework. This builds confidence.
Research shows that homework is very effective in establishing positive attitudes towards school and developing good work habits.

Multilingual Parent Guide

  • Parents of elementary school students can now find information to help their children develop strong skills in reading, writing and
    mathematics. “Helping Your Child do Mathematics” and “Helping Your Child do Reading and Writing” are online tips that are available in 12 additional
    languages (Arabic, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Urdu, and Vietnamese).

EQAO Results

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Extended Day Program

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is pleased to offer a fee based Extended Day Program for children from JK to grade 6. The program provides children with opportunities to expand their knowledge through a variety of activities. Children will be exposed to situations that will stimulate their curiosity, independence and communication skills.

Click here to learn more about the Extended Day Program.


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