Dragon Update for September 9-13th  


First Week Success!

Our Dragon Community had an AWESOME first week of school. A huge Thank You goes out to our fantastic teachers and students for making it so memorable! Based on what we saw during our first week, we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us! Way to go Dragons!


School BBQ and Open House

Everyone is welcome to come to our BBQ on Wednesday, September 11th. Classrooms will be open for visits and teachers will be in their classrooms starting at 5:30 to 6:15 to meet parents and informally discuss curriculum expectations. From 6:15 – 7:00, classrooms will be closed and everyone will be invited to participate in the festivities outside. Remember Me Catering will be selling hamburgers and hotdogs. We look forward to seeing everyone on the 11th!

Kindergarten Students

Just a reminder that all Kindergarten students will be in class on Monday as our regular schedule begins. It was great seeing all of our new Year 1 students come in last week with their parents and joining their Year 2 friends. What an exciting time for our newest Dragons!

Gagaball Pit

Our Gagaball Pit has been the talk of the school. Most classes have come out to play with Mr. Runstedler and Mr. Setler, and the students cannot get enough! Make sure to stop by the pit to see what it is all about at our Open House BBQ on Sept 11th!


Nutrition For Learning

St. Dominic School is very fortunate to be able to offer the Nutrition for Learning program again this year. Nutrition for Learning provides our school with healthy snacks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The program will begin the first week of October, so please be sure to pack your child enough snacks until we start receiving our food. Soon you will see the Nutrition for Learning Toonie Postcards coming home with your child. Please consider taping a toonie to the postcard to help fund our schools program. We appreciate all of your support!



Safety Drills

It is our goal to continue to provide a warm, welcoming and safe learning environment for all.  The entire school community will be participating in various safety drills this upcoming week including both fire and lockdown drills.  Please continue to talk to your children about the importance of safety in a school environment. We take a lot of pride to ensure that we offer a safe environment and will continue to support students through this lens. Our first drills will take place on Tuesday, Sept 10th. Ask your child(ren) how they went!


Parent Drop Off and Pick Up

Thank you to our parent community for keeping our Kiss and Drop area a safe place for student pick-up and drop off.  Please have your child(ren) arrive at the school after supervision begins in the morning. In addition, when picking up your child(ren) in the back schoolyard, we are asking for all parents to remain on the path.  The safety of your child(ren) is our main concern.

Parking Lot

Due to an increase in staff members this year, we are going to have to close the side parking lot to parents dropping their children off in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon. There will be orange pylons put out too effectively close off this area to anyone other than staff members. Parents are welcome to use the Visitor Parking spaces at the front. We are also looking into our options with the School Board to reconfigure our parking lot to add needed spaces. More information to come. Thanks for your patience and understanding.



If your child has an allergic reaction to any food or insect, please contact the main office and ask for an Administration of Medication: Epipen form. We ask that all children who require Epipens carry them on their persons (not in their backpacks) at all times. In addition, we ask that all children bring a spare Epipen to school in the event of an anaphylactic reaction and a second dose is required. 


If your child has an illness, a medical condition or a physical disability that may require monitoring/awareness/a special response in an emergency, you are asked to contact the main office. We will send a Medical Alert form home. We will also request a meeting to develop a protocol for your child while at school or at a school related event. 


According to Board policy, school staff or volunteers should not be involved with the administration of medication. However, the Board recognizes that on occasions, schools will need to be responsible for students who are receiving medication, or who under certain circumstances may require an emergency response to a severe allergic reaction. If your child requires such medication, please contact the main office and ask for an Administration of Oral Medication form. This from MUST be completed before any medication may be administered!



Dates to Remember

Tuesday September 10- Safety Drills

Thursday September 19 – WE Day!

Friday September 20 – PA Day

Tuesday September 24 – School Photos


Numeracy Riddle of the Week

Which shape doesn’t belong?  Why? There is more than one correct answer!