Dragon Update for October 21-25 

The Umbrella Project Theme for October: Empathy

The new theme for the Umbrella Project for October is Empathy. This is defined as the ability to share and understand the feelings of another. This is an important skill for students to develop. Please see the attached article on how to help your child(ren) develop empathy.


Kiss and Drop Parking Lot(rebroadcast)

There has been some concern around the proper process to follow when dropping your students off at the Kiss and Drop parking lot off of Victoria Street. Please remember to listen to the directions given by the staff who are supervising this area. We realize that this is a very busy spot on most days so your patience is appreciated. In the morning, there are student helpers wearing vests to help walk kindergarten students to their area. Please allow them to help rather than leaving your car and walking them yourself as this will allow for a better traffic flow through this area. Also, there are areas to park on Westforest Trail where you can park your car and walk your child(ren) to school if you so choose. Thanks for your help and understanding as we all work towards a safer school experience for all.

Major School Fundraiser

The excitement is continuing to build at St. Dominic for our Spook-A-Thon Fundraiser. Reminder that our Early Bird Draws begin this week. Please make sure that your son or daughter has returned their sheet indicating how much money they have raised so far. Each $5 raised earns them a ballot into these draws. A huge Thank You goes out to Ms. Shermeto, Mlle Tank and our Student Leaders who provided a dance lesson to all of their fellow Dragons this week. All students learned a cool dance routine to the song “Git Up” which all Dragons will have the opportunity to perform at the Dance A Thon. Way to go Dragons!

Laurier Football Game

A great time was had by all of our Grade 4 to 8 students as they had the opportunity to attend the Wilfrid Laurier Varsity Football Game on Friday. It was a beautiful autumn day, perfect for taking in the Golden Hawks’ game vs Carleton. Unfortunately, the home team did not have as much fun at the game as our Dragons did as Laurier lost the game. Even with the home team loss, our Dragons thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and did a great job representing our school.

Polling Station

Monday Oct 21 is Election Day and St. Dominic’s is a Polling Station.  Please be aware that we will have many visitors in the school exercising their right to vote on Monday.  There will be more traffic in the parking lots and around the school. Use caution when dropping your children off and picking up on Monday. Please make sure to vote as well!

Wellness Tip of the Week

The way kids think is very important.  Negative thinking about the self is a huge problem for many people of all ages. This thinking often starts in childhood. Children are getting constant messages that they may not be good enough. Many children get “stuck” in thinking this way from hearing negative messages about themselves and then repeating them over and over in their thoughts. Repetitive negative thinking about the self, others and the world can lead to future mental health struggles.

Notice your child’s language and comments about him or herself and others. If your child says negative things repeatedly, it is a problem. It usually means they aren’t feeling good about themselves and need support to problem-solve and change that type of thinking. When kids practice negative self-talk, it leads to lower self esteem and can contribute to low mood and worry. It can leave them more vulnerable to being bullied as well. Bullying is dangerous to self esteem especially if children already believe they are not good enough. Look out for your child’s inner bully. Negative thinking is dangerous to mental health because it builds on itself. It becomes automatic to think painful and self damaging thoughts, much like learning an instrument or a sport, but with a negative result rather than a positive one.

Our brains are designed to change when we repeat thoughts and actions over and over. For example, picture yourself and your child skiing or tobogganing. If you go over the same path again and again it will soon get very slippery and grooved in. It becomes faster and faster for the two of you to slide down that path. Our brains work in a similar way. If you and your child are rehearsing painful or mean thoughts, you may have become very good at something that hurts you. To change negative thinking patterns, the person must start a different and positive path and practice that instead. Once people get used to a new positive path, they follow it automatically and they start to feel happier.  (www.carizon.ca)

Dates to Remember

Mon October 21- Shantz Family Farm Trip for Grade 1s AM

Mon October 21- Federal Election (St. Dominic is Polling Station)

Mon October 21- Pizza Day

Mon October 21- World of Designs for Grade 1s  Lunch

Tues October 22- John Howard Society working with the Grade 1s and 2s

Tues October 22- Cyberbullying Presentation with Cst Nick, our School SRO

Tues October 22- Dance A Thon Launch Presentation PM

Wed October 23- Kitchener Rangers Visit Mrs. Montes’ Grade 3 Class AM

Wed October 23- Dental Screening for JK, K and Grade 2s

Wed October 23- Girls Basketball vs Sir Edgar Bauer at Sir Edgar Bauer PM

Fri October 25- PA Day with No School for Students

Mon October 28- World of Designs for Grade 1s  Lunch

Mon October 28- Girls Basketball- St. John at St. Dominic

Wed October 30- Girls Basketball- St. Luke at St. Dominic

Thurs October 31- Dance A Thon Fundraiser!! All Day!!

Fri Nov 1- Grade 2 Trip to Schneider Haus All Day