Dragon Update for November 25-29


**Please excuse the late delivery of this week’s Dragon Update. Unfortunately, there was an issue with our WCDSB computer system over the weekend and we were unable to access any of our files. Thank you for your patience!

The Umbrella Project Theme for November: Growth Mindset

The new Umbrella Project Theme for the month of November is Growth Mindset. Having a growth mindset (the belief that you are in control of your own ability, and can learn and improve) is the key to success. Yes, hard work, effort, and persistence are all important, but not as important as having that underlying belief that you are in control of your own destiny. The attached link is to an article that will help to help teach Growth Mindset to your child(ren).

Growth Mindset

Coming Soon: Cognitive Flexibility (Umbrella Theme for the month of December)


Advent Liturgy

St. Dominic will be holding a liturgy for the First Week of Advent on Thursday at 1pm. All parents are invited to attend.

Intermediate Boys’ Volleyball and Girls’ Basketball

The seasons have wrapped up for the Intermediate Boys’ Volleyball and Girls’ Basketball Teams. All student-athletes represented St. Dominic in the community as great ambassadors and sportsmen/sportswomen. All athletes worked hard all season, and gave everything they had to improve their skill level and their competitiveness. Thanks goes out to Mr. Van Looyen for coaching the boys, and Mr. Gallagher and Ms. Buck for coaching the girls. Well done Dragons!

The Christmas Food, NEW TOY and NEW Winter Accessory Tree 

St Dominic will once again be holding The Christmas Food, NEW TOY and NEW Winter Accessory Tree as our Social Justice Peace Tree Team Initiative for December. This campaign will run from November 28th to December 18th. Please see the link below for all of the details:

Christmas Toy Drive

Save the Date: St. Dominic Primary Christmas Concert Thursday Dec 12th 9:45 AM

It is the time of year again at St. Dominic CES to spread Christmas Cheer. You are cordially invited to the Primary Christmas Concert on Thursday December 12th. The show begins at 9:45 AM. All parents are welcome. The Kindergarten to Grade 3 students have been working very hard on their numbers and our Dragons cannot wait to perform for you. What a great way to bring in the Christmas Season!

Dragon Fit

It’s Back! Dragon Fit has made a triumphant return to St. Dominic CES! Each lunch hour, you will find the gymnasium jammed packed with students working out and getting their fit on with Mr. V and Ms. Shermeto. What a great way to pass a cold winter lunch hour! Well done Dragons!

Winter Weather (Rebroadcast)

Now that Winter Weather has arrived, please make sure that your child(ren) come to school properly dressed for the weather. Winter coats, hats, gloves, snow pants and boots are necessary to keep the students warm during recess. For those younger students, a second pair of mitts would be a good idea as well. Happy Winter!

Math Matters

Can you solve this puzzle?


  • At the time of shipping, Tom can place 10 small boxes or 8 large boxes into a carton. A total of 96 boxes were sent in one shipment. The number of small boxes was less than large boxes. What is the total number of cartons he shipped?
  • Tom was asked to paint the number plates on 100 apartments which means he will have to paint numbers 1 through 100. Can you figure out the number of times he will have to paint the number 8?


Dates to Remember


Mon Nov 25- Pizza Day

Tues Nov 26- Girls Empowerment Group AM

Wed Nov 27- Gr 4 & 5 Classes to Resurrection CSS to watch The Little Mermaid play

Wed Nov 27- Gr 7 Hep B Shots

Wed Nov 27- Grade 6 Trip to Laurel Creek All Day

Wed Nov 27- Grade 8 Night at Resurrection CSS 6-8PM

Thurs Nov 28- We are Silent Day (Malaya Day)

Thurs Nov 28- Advent Liturgy 1 PM

Fri Nov 29- Advent Confessions AM

Fri Nov 29- Student Council Cake Raffle

Sat Nov 30- Grade 2 & 7 Enrollment Masses at St. Mark’s Parish

Mon Dec 2- Pizza Day

Tues Dec 3- Girls Empowerment Group AM

Wed Dec 4- Santa Hat Day

Wed Dec 4- Gr 6 Science Olympics

Wed Dec 4- Constable Nick (SRO) Student Presentation AM

Thurs Dec 5- Gr 8s at Resurrection for the Live Art Presentation 10 AM

Fri Dec 6- PD Faith Day. No school for students!