Dragon Update for January 27-31

The Umbrella Project Theme for January: Authenticity

The new Umbrella Project Theme for the month of January is Authenticity. Please read the article attached in the following link for some ways to teach your kids to be authentic.



Kindergarten Registration- No Experience Needed (Rebroadcast)

Calling all Baby Dragons:

Please register:

Chris D’sousa Presentation

Our Dragons were very fortunate to have the opportunity to have Chris D’sousa present to them this past week. Chris challenged us  to answer our call to Catholic Leadership by taking time to understand the differences in us, to be authentic, and that this starts by loving ourselves. Thanks again to our Catholic School Council for supporting this fantastic presentation!

“PINK SHIRT DAY” 2020 T-shirt Sale

Order your PINK SHIRT DAY 2020 via School Cash Online.

Cash Online set-up instructions for parents

SCO – Email Notification Instructions

Let’s all be pink on Feb. 26th!    


Math Matters

Can you solve these riddles?

In a bicycle race, the man who came two places in front of the last man finished one ahead of the man who came fifth. How many contestants were there?

You have 14 brown socks, 14 blue socks and 14 black socks in your sock drawer. How many socks must you remove (without looking to be sure) to have a matched pair?

Dates to Remember

  • Mon Jan 27- Pizza Day
  • Wed Jan 29- Boys’ Basketball vs St. Luke’s
  • Wed Jan 29- Girls’ Volleyball at St. Luke’s
  • Fri Jan 31- Junior Coding
  • Sat Feb 1- Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest at St. David’s CSS
  • Mon Feb 3- Pizza Day
  • Mon Feb 3- Grade 8 and SK Photos
  • Wed Feb 5- Rubik’s Cube Training for Grade 5 to 8
  • Wed Feb 5- Boys’ Basketball vs St. John’s
  • Wed Feb 5- Girls’ Volleyball at St. John’s