Dragon Update for February 17-21

The Umbrella Project Theme for February: Purpose

The new Umbrella Project Theme for the month of February is Authenticity. Please read the article attached in the following link to learn more about this important Umbrella Skill.

Helping Kids Find Their Purpose

Graduation and Kindergarten Photos

Please note that the Graduation Photos for the Grade 8s and Kindergarten have been postponed due to the OECTA Job Action on February 21. They will be rescheduled shortly and this date will be shared once it is firmed up.

Morning Procedures for Late Student and Parents

The morning bell rings at 9:15 am for classes to begin with announcements set to begin at 9:20 am. Please note out of Respect, the front door will not be unlocked during Territorial Acknowledgement, O’Canada and Morning Prayer.

Attendance and Safe Arrival: 

Students are expected to attend school regularly and be punctual. Parents are required to phone the school, 519-576-5503, if a student will be absent or late. Messages may be left on the attendance line at any time. 

If a child has not arrived at school and a phone call or note has not been received, the administrative assistant will attempt to alert parents by telephone at home or at your place of employment if necessary. If parents cannot be contacted, we will contact the emergency number provided by the parents. Failing to reach parents or emergency contacts, the police will be notified and sent to the home. 

If your child is going to be absent, please: 

  • Send a note to your child’s teacher in advance when possible 
  • Phone the school and leave a message on the attendance line which operates at any time during the day or night 
  • State the date of the absence, your child’s name, spell your child’s last name, the teacher’s name, and the reason for the absence. Unless you notify us otherwise, we will assume your child will be back the following day. At no time is the student to 9 report themselves absent for the school day or is the student to have someone less than 18 years of age report them absent 
  • Contact the school and speak with the administrative assistant

Source:  St. Dominic Savio Student Agenda:  What Parents/Guardians need to know:  2019-2020 Agenda insert for St Dominic

If your child misses the bus after school…

If your child misses the bus after school please remind him/her to stay at school and report to the main office. The school administrative assistant, principal or vice-principal will call the parent and if the parent cannot pick the child up, the school will ask permission for a staff member to drive the child home.

Safe Arrivals/Safe Departure APH001

Valentine’s Day Dance

Our Dragons had an awesome day on Friday during our Annual Valentine’s Day Dance. Student Council did an amazing job leading each session and helping all get their groove on. Great job Dragons!

“PINK SHIRT DAY” 2020 T-shirt Sale (rebroadcast)

Online orders are now closed.

Shirts will be distributed this week!!

 Let’s all be pink on Feb. 26th!   

1 pink shirt

Math Matters

Can you solve these riddles?

There is a three digit number. The second digit is four times as big as the third digit, while the first digit is three less than the second digit. What is the number?

When my father was 31 I was 8. Now he is twice as old as me. How old am I?

Dates to Remember

  • Mon Feb 17- Family Day: No school!
  • Tues Feb 18-21- Kindergarten Registration
  • Tues Feb 18- Pizza Day (moved from Mon due to Family Day)
  • Wed Feb 19- Rubik’s Cube Training for Grade 5 to 8
  • Wed Feb 19- Boys’ Basketball at St. Nicholas
  • Wed Feb 19- Girls’ Volleyball vs St. Nicholas
  • Thurs Feb 20- Love One Another Bake Sale
  • Fri Feb 21 – One-Day Strike: No school for students
  • Mon Feb 24- Pizza Day
  • Tues Feb 25- Pancake Tuesday: Pancakes for Students. More info to follow.
  • Wed Feb 26- Ash Wednesday Liturgy 11AM. All are invited to attend.
  • Wed Feb 26- Pink Shirt Day