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Please visit this link to register for JK or SK at St. Dominics!

Once you have completed your online registration (or paper copy), please contact the office at 519-576-5503 to book your appointment to finish your registration.

We will be preparing next year’s homerooms shortly!

Remote Learning

We will continue remote learning during the Lockdown and Stay at home order. No date has yet been set by the Ministry for face-to-face learning in school. We understand the stress learning from home adds to families but we appreciate all your support as we navigate through this together. #Were All In This Together.

Tech Support:

Mandatory Self-Screening of Students:

Students must check for symptoms of illness every day before going to school. You can screen your child or yourself by taking the COVID-19 school and child care screening.

Umbrella Project:

Limit your use of Extrinsic Motivators

Extrinsic motivators are the external rewards, ubiquitous in parenting, that are contingent on a child’s task performance or behaviour.  Used regularly because of their effectiveness there is a dark side to these extrinsic motivators.  Studies show that we actually decrease our child’s intrinsic motivation over time by offering up these external rewards. This means that our children will want to do things less and less the more we provide them rewards. The task itself becomes less enjoyable without the reward…  When we think about academics we can see why this causes a problem over time.  If we provide rewards for good marks, for example, we slowly start to decrease our children’s actual enjoyment of the learning process.  

Here are a few ideas for reducing extrinsic motivators:

  1. Don’t link your child’s allowance with their expected tasks. Paying children for making their beds or putting their clothes away can reduce their desire to do these tasks without external reward.  Instead have expected tasks that come along with being part of the family and an allowance that helps them learn to manage money or that they earn through extra jobs.
  2. Don’t offer dessert as a reward for eating dinner.  Instead set a family expectation that we eat small amounts of sweets as a balance part of a day that also includes lots of fruits, veggies and healthy foods. If the healthy food doesn’t go in on a regular basis, it’s not good for our bodies to put the sweets in.
  3. Focus on task-intrinsic practices like encouraging your child’s pleasure and engagement with the learning process.

In this video Dr. Jen explains extrinsic motivators.

Until next time, 

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Nutrition for learning continues while students learn remotely

Nutrition for learning will continue to be available during remote learning. For details click the link: Community Nutrition for Learning



  • Virtual Learning Continues
  • Catholic Education Week May 3rd – 7th





Problem of the Week

Last week’s winner was Damien from Mrs. Montes’s class. Congratulations!

Grade 5-6 Math Problem of the Week – Submit your response by clicking this link for a chance to win a Tim Hortons gift card in our weekly draw. 

Here is last week’s solution to the grade 3-4 math problem. Some submitted answers were so close. Learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again. Good Luck on your next problem!