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$7375.00 Raised through Dance-A-Thon – The Challenge continues….

Congratulations Dragon!!! As a school community $7375.00 was raised through the Dance-A-Thon.
Mr. Runstedler and Mrs. Papp are so proud of the school in almost achieving the $7500.00 goal!
One of the rewards for achieving this goal was that Mr. R and Mrs. P would be slimed in front of the entire school!
Dragons, you were only $125.00 short.
Because of this Mr. Runstedler & Mrs. Papp have agreed to extend the challenge, until next Friday, March 2nd, 2018.
They now are challenging the school community to bring forward the $125.00 and they will hold true to their promise of being slimed.
Any student that would like to bring in loonies, toonies or bills please place them in a baggie or envelope and hand deliver them to homeroom teachers before Friday, March 2nd, 2018.
If $125.00 more dollars are raised the principals will be getting slimed!!
Mr. Runstedler and Mrs. Papp are so proud of each and every dragon.  This is $2,000.00 more then any other fundraising year!!
Thank you Dragons for all your hard work and dedication!