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Weekly Dragon Update Nov 27 – Dec 1

Dragon Update for November 27 – December 1

Our Learning Commons is the place to be at lunch and throughout the day.  Students are engaged in so many activities such as Board Games, Lego, Robotics, Computers and our new and improved Maker Space.  They are getting a chance to create, build and critically think with their peers.  Special thanks to all of the staff for offering up their expertise and engaging in student learning outside the regular classroom walls!


Quotes of the Week

  • JK – I am part of the Zipper Club!  I can do my own zipper now!
  • Grade 1 – The sun is shining brightly today.   I love it!
  • Grade 2 – I always eat my apple before anything else in my lunch.  
  • Grade 4 – I love Dragon Fit.  I go everyday and love the bikes so much!
  • Grade 8 – ZUMBA was actually a lot of fun.  It’s like dancing and exercise all at once.
  • Teacher – There is so many great things happening here.  Just take a look at the library at lunch!  So busy with so many students participating in all that is offered.  It is just great!

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Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. Nov 27 – Medix Visit (Montes and Huisman’s Class)
  2. Tues. Nov 28 – School Liturgy at 10:50am
  3. Wed. Nov 29 – Resurrection Open House – 6:30pm
  4. Wed. Nov 29 – Soccer Program (Herzog and Montes’ class)
  5. Thurs. Nov 30 – Grades 5-8 to Waterloo Rec Complex for Varsity Hockey
  6. Thurs. Nov 30 – Subway lunch
  7. Fri. Dec 1 –  Pajama Day
  8. Fri. Dec 1 – Christmas Food and Toy Drive begins
  9. Fri. Dec 1 – Menchie’s Treat


  • Be Positive –  Don’t say things like “I can’t do math”; your child might start to think like that themselves.
  • Point Out Numeracy In Everyday Life – Include your child in activities involving math such as using money, cooking and travelling.
  • Praise Effort Rather Than Ability – This shows your child that by working hard they can always improve.

Try this Primary challenge at home!