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Dragon Update Nov 2-6

Trick or Treat Safety Tips from City of Kitchener Website:

If you choose to go out trick or treating or hand out candy, residents are encouraged to:

  • Only go out with members of your immediate household.
  • Only trick-or-treat in your neighbourhood and avoid traveling to other neighbourhoods.
  • Physically distance and wear a face covering with anyone outside of your immediate household.
  • Both trick-or-treaters and people handing out candy should wear a face covering. Not a costume mask.
  • A costume mask is not a substitute for a face covering and should not be worn over a face covering as it may make it difficult to breathe.
  • Do not leave treats in a bucket or bowl for children to grab.
  • Use tongs, or other similar tools, to hand out treats.
  • Do not congregate or linger at doorsteps. Line up two metres apart if waiting.

Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch:

Thank you to our Early Years learning team. What a fantastic day our JK/SK’s had at our very own pumpkin patch. Check out the tractor rides, apple cider station, and the pumpkin patch where student’s picked their very own pumpkins.

Thanksgiving Food Drive – October 19 to November 6th Rebroadcast

Our Food

 Drive is wrapping up on November 6th. Continue to send in items and keep up the great work Dragons. 


Fall Fundraiser:

Welcome to November at the Umbrella Project!

Last month we dove into building a sense of Gratitude and this month we are shifting our focus to a skill that helps us persevere in the face of challenges, Grit!  

Grit is the skill that stops us from quitting on the bad days and gives us courage to persevere towards our goals and passions.  With the cold weather approaching we could all use a bit of extra grit to get through those chilly winter challenges.

What will grit do for my child?

Excellence in anything we do requires commitment, hard work and failures along the way. Grit helps us continue to practice the things we would like to improve instead of giving up. Having grit can help us overcome obstacles even on the toughest days. In every type of work or school subject, grit can be as important to our success as talent or intelligence. It allows us to rise to the challenge of difficult goals and run the last mile.

Make working on weak spots a game

Even in the face of abundant strengths, our weaknesses will often lead us to give up.  As often as you can, find the game in working on your childs’ weaknesses.  Practicing anything can be intense and span many years to get to a level of excellence.  Try to help your child find the fun in the tough spots instead of feeling like they aren’t good enough.  

Here’s an example: 

When my daughter was struggling with how quickly she could do mental math, we found ways to make it a fun challenge by engaging her in games designed specifically to increase processing speed.  By adding some fun to this otherwise frustrating task, she was able to quickly improve and move on with renewed confidence.  

In addition, remember that fun and laughter also improves cognitive flexibility and can help our children think of new ways to solve the problems they are facing.  

Here’s this week’s short video from Dr. Jen

Until next time, 

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project


Dates to Remember

Nov 6 – Last Day of Food Drive

Nov 20 – Progress Report Distribution

Nov 23 – PD Day

Nov 24-27 – Interviews (phone or virtual)

Dec 4 – Fall Picture Day!!


Grade 3 to 4 Math Problem of the Week – Submit your response by clicking this link for a chance to win a prize in our weekly draw. Congratulations to Hailey C who won last week’s gift certificate to Tim Hortons.


Go Straight to Fun!

COVID-19 has changed the way we fundraise this year, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to making this year a success for our children. Parent Council’s first fundraiser will be a Get Out of Fundraising Fundraiser. We are asking families to make a one-time donation to St. Dominic’s Parent Council and forego donating at any future fundraisers for the 2020/2021 school year. As always, the money will go directly towards our mission; to enhance student’s learning environment.

As our world continues to change, we hope to be able to host future fundraisers that will be exciting for the kids to partake in, but your financial participation is not expected (but always welcomed). Please see the flyer below for more information. Please donate via School Cash Online


Masks for Student Use

Hello Dragons,

Very soon your child(ren) will come home with extra masks. The Ministry of Education has provided one black mask and WCDSB has provided three grey masks with the Board logo for every student. The hope is that these are helpful as extra masks when items get misplaced or are being cleaned. They are for your child to keep and use as you feel appropriate. Students are still permitted to wear their usual masks.

Note:  Students will no longer be provided with disposable masks should they forget/lose/or get their mask dirty.  So we recommend that students keep extra masks in they backpack or zip-lock bag with their name on it.

Stay well Dragons!!

Photo Day: Friday, December 4th

Good Morning Dragons!

We now have approval to host Lifetouch at our school for Photo Day. This has been scheduled for Friday, December 4th. Please see below for their protocols. Students may keep masks on for the photo. If we can confirm physical distance, we will allow for the option to take the mask off.

Order information will be sent closer to the date.

Schools Covid Protocol Details

From the Director of Education – October Update and Invitation


October 27th, 2020


Dear Waterloo Catholic Community –

We hope that you are well in body, mind and spirit. We know that can be challenging in these times but we hope that you are drawing energy from our students, and from their experience of being re-engaged in their learning and forging new friendships, while rekindling old ones.  Every day we hear stories and bear witness to the good work of our staff, and we know that they are making a difference to all the students we serve. The purpose of this letter is to share a few brief updates and then offer an invitation.

To begin, at the October Board meeting last night we brought a series of important updates in relation to our ongoing operation of schools in our new COVID reality. We shared that it is our intention to eliminate the November transition window in elementary. We have been listening to our stakeholders – parents, teachers, administrators and students, and while we know that it can be attractive to provide flexibility to accommodate changes between face to face and virtual, we also know that it takes a toll on everyone when there is disruption to pre-established classes. No one asked for this new reality in which we are all living, and I think we can all appreciate that compromises are necessary, and that as a school board, we are delivering on a promise not fully of our own making. Having said that, I am extremely proud of all our staff and all they do each and every day to help us deliver on that promise. Our staff in our bricks and mortar schools, and our St Isidore staff, are all hitting homeruns each and every day. We anticipate that some parents may be disappointed to not have the additional transition opportunity, but we hope that in the main, people will agree that it was important to listen to the voices of our stakeholders, and to attempt to provide maximum stability moving forward.

In this same vein – we have been deliberating how to best proceed in secondary, in order to meet a variety of needs. We have an additional 377 students who want to transition to St Isidore in secondary and 40 who wish to return to face to face. (Generating a net 337 increase in students to St Isidore, or 14% of our total secondary population now studying in virtual) A great many boards are now looking at a hybrid model of delivery in secondary, but again we tried to listen to the voices of our staff who told us a pivot in late November to a different model of delivery, other than what we currently experiencing, might be too stressful for all involved. We know our staff have been working so hard and we are not looking to disrupt your reality again. We also want our students to have the best educational experience possible. To that end, we will continue with the current delivery model and take the next quadmester to fully consider options for the remaining two quadmesters.

We have had a few cases of covid in the past few days.  It is perhaps inevitable that when the provincial numbers rise, we too will see some cases. I realize that if you get a letter saying there has been a case of COVID in your school that it is most unsettling. I am pleased to report that to date our cases remain relatively few, they seem to be quickly managed and most importantly, we have had no cases of covid transmission in our schools to date.  Our safety protocols are working. I know how much we all value reading that statement so I cannot state strongly enough the importance of following our WCDSB operational guidelines, of wearing masks as warranted, good hygiene practices and most of all, strong daily implementation of the self-screening tool. We will only navigate this time together and fortunately, I have full confidence in our TEAM! #StrongerTogether

And now to the invitation. As we did this past spring, we are launching a ThoughtExchange today and it will remain open for the next week. We really do want to hear from you. To gain insight into your thoughts about the past several weeks and our launch to the 2020-21 school year. A reminder that you can add thoughts at any time, but do not forget to return perhaps more than once to star ideas as they populate. As was the case last spring, it will give us insights into your impressions, your questions and assist us in know where we need to focus more energy.

The ThoughtExchange is available at:

Please know that it is also available on our main website.

As indicated above, please remember that all students (or parents on their behalf) should complete this updated self-screening tool every day: COVID-19 school and child care screening tool and a reminder that no staff should come to school without completing the adult self-assessment: The process of self screening each day is a vital step in ensuring the continued safety of all our schools, so sincere thanks to all for remaining faithful to this and to all our required protocols.

We are so very happy to be back to learning in our schools. We have transitioned to Year 2 of our Pastoral Plan – Gathered to Become. We look forward to our CSAC Chair and New Administrator Commissioning event Wednesday evening. It feels so important to continue to find ways to foster community. How blessed are well that we share one family in Christ as WCDSB – he nourishes and strengthens us daily.

We sincerely thank you for journeying with us.  Please reach out to us if you need help or guidance, and remain confident that we are here to support you, as we walk together as a hope-filled community. #WCDSBTogether #WeGotThis


Loretta Notten

Director of Education

Waterloo Catholic District School Board
35 Weber St. W., – Unit A
Kitchener, ON, Canada N2H 3Z1

Dragon Update for October 26-30 

Spirit Wear is Back Rebroadcast

Yes, it is true! Spirit wear is returning to St. Dominic Savio CES. We have opened an online store with all of the items available at the following link: 

Order deadline date is Sunday November 1st. We will start having spirit wear day every Wednesday 🙂 

21st Century Learning

Check out the pumpkin the students in Mrs. Harris’s class will be trying to create in our 3D printer.


Halloween Rebroadcast

With Halloween approaching quickly, we thought we should inform you of how we plan to celebrate this occasion at school this year. On Friday, October 30th students are invited to wear costumes to school. Please be mindful of the costumes your child is wearing as we want to ensure they are not promoting violence, or have accessories that could cause harm. Please note that suggestive costumes, masks (except masks that we normally wear to protect us from Covid) or clown costumes are not permitted. Due to Covid measures in place we are asking that no treats are sent to school with children for distribution as we cannot guarantee their safety. 


Thanksgiving Food Drive – October 19 to November 6th Rebroadcast

Keep up the great work Dragons. Food is coming in and we know we can be the difference needed to help provide nourishment to those people who experience food insecurity in our community. 

Please see below for a list of Most Needed Food Items

  • Peanut Butter
  • Feminine products
  • Baby food
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Canned Fruit
  • Stew, Chili & Soup
  • Beans in Sauce
  • Hot & Cold Cereal
  • Canned Meat & Fish
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Dry Beans
  • Rice

COVID Protocol: Leaving Early in the Day: 

Please advise your child’s teacher in advance via note or email if you wish to withdraw your child during the day.  Once you arrive at the school, press the buzzer by the main doors.  State your name, your child’s name, teacher’s name and the reason they are leaving.  We will at that point contact your child’s teacher to release your child.  Your child will come to the office where one of us will escort your child to you.  We will mark your child’s absence on your behalf.

For your child to have the optimum learning experience, please keep sign-outs to a minimum. 


Grateful parents raise grateful kids

Gratitude takes practice!!!  The more children practice gratitude, the more likely they are to build and use this important skill.  One significant way to build this part of our child’s umbrella is to practice gratitude ourselves.  

The more grateful we are as parents, the more opportunities we will naturally put in front of our children to practice gratitude.  If gratitude is a skill in your umbrella that could use a little more practice that’s okay.  We all have strong coping skills and skills that could use some nurturing and practice. Set the intention to find more opportunities to express your own gratitude.  By doing this, you will create more chances for your child to practice too.  

Unsure about your coping strengths and which umbrella holes you could work on?  Complete your own umbrella assessment to get a picture of your umbrella.  Wellbeing is a family journey and in my experience, children respond and participate best when the whole family is working towards bigger umbrellas.  

Watch this week’s video all about the importance of modeling gratitude. 

Health + Happiness,

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Additional Resources 

Interested in learning more? Here are a couple of great articles you could read. 

How to Help Gratitude Grow in Your Kids

The Development of Gratitude in Seven Societies: Cross-Cultural Highlights 


Dates to Remember

Oct 19 to Nov 6 – Fall Food Drive

Oct 30 – Students may dress up in Halloween costumes

Nov 20 – Progress Report Distribution

Nov 23 – PD Day

Nov 24-27 – Interviews (phone or virtual)

Grade 7 to 8 Math Problem of the Week – Submit your response by clicking this link for a chance to win a prize in our weekly draw.

Congratulations to Hailey C who won last weeks gift certificate to Tim Hortons.

Mabel’s Labels 2020 Holiday Collection

Exciting news! Mabel’s Labels has just launched their 2020 Holiday Collection of Personalized Address Labels, Address Stamps, Stocking Stuffers and Gift Tags!

Click here to explore the full line of products and the adorable NEW designs that are available this year.

By purchasing our personalized holiday products, families will be raising money for St. Dominic’s completely virtually.  Sending Christmas Cards and gifts in the mail is going to be extra important this year while people try and find ways to stay connected with their loved ones from afar.  It might seem early, but the holidays are right around the corner and families will probably want to get their holiday cards out extra early this year.


2020/21 French Immersion Review


The recommendations of the 2017/18 French Immersion Program review concluded that a further update of the board’s plans for French Immersion (FI) be completed by 2023, including a plan related to secondary FI.   

The board will be undertaking the 2020/21 French Immersion Review starting in November and running through to the Spring of 2021.  

The board is looking for 3 parents/guardians of elementary French Immersion students and 3 parents/guardians of elementary English students attending dual track (English and FI) schools to be part of the review committee.  Applications for these positions are open until October 22, 2020.  Please apply online. 

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