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Dragon Update

Don’t forget! Let’s turn the Dragons Den ORANGE today to support indigenous rights.

Dragon Update September 28th – October 2nd

Dragon Update for September 28th – October 2nd  


Dear St. Dominic Families,

Wow! It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of September. Aside from our health and safety routine, it actually feels pretty normal around here! The students have

been incredible at following our new expectations and they are all working hard and being super learners and great friends. Way to go, Dragons!


Catholic School Council

There is a fantastic opportunity for St. Dominic Savio parents to get actively involved in our school and to help shape the direction of our school life. Volunteer to be part of our Catholic School Council! We are still looking for individuals to join our advisory council. Meetings are held once a month on Tuesdays, the first being September 29rd at 6:15. We will be meeting virtually to respect public health direction to limit gatherings. We would love you to join us. If you are interested in joining, please email Mr. Runstedler at Hope to see you there!

Covid-19 Screen Tool:

Please continue to screen your child(ren) before sending them to school every day. Here is a quick link to a school screening tool: COVID-19 School Screening

Terry Fox

Coming Soon: Stay Tuned

Once again we will be holding our Thanksgiving Food Drive. It will begin on October 1 and run through to Thanksgiving. It is important as a Catholic School Community to support our neighbours who are in need. Please consider giving generously to support this worthwhile initiative and remember to have a conversation with your child(ren) about all of the blessings in their lives. We are truly blessed.

WCDSB Survey for transitioning from Virtual learning to Face to Face or Face to Face to Virtual Learning is now open and closes on September 28 at 6:30 pm. Please visit the St. Isidore web site and select Switching Learning Environments.

St. Isidore – Switching learning environments

First Communion and Confirmation:

St. Mark’s parish is sending us details about confirmation and first communion dates next week. 

Message from the Umbrella Project to Parents:

Welcome to the Umbrella Project! September is a time of many mixed feelings as kids head back to school, routines are re-established and warm summer days cool into fall. While many parents relish the structure of the school year, it also comes with a ramping up of activities, homework, friend dynamics, new teachers and many other things that require our parenting energy.

The Umbrella Project is dedicated to helping families better navigate the ups and downs of life while building the important skills that help us thrive in all types of weather. We call these skills Umbrella Skills because much like an umbrella, they help to protect us when life is rainy and challenging. We want children to feel empowered in all kinds of weather instead of spending their lives trying to avoid the rain.

Please take 2 minutes to watch this quick video that will help you understand how your child’s wellbeing grows and develops through practice

Each month we focus on providing practical parenting and classroom tools to build a different skill that the research shows us is an important piece of our umbrella of wellbeing. We are excited to provide you with lots of options and ideas to support these important skills at home. We recommend you choose the ideas that fit best with your unique family. Parenting energy is precious and we really can not do it all.  What we can do is recognize our children’s strengths, the holes in their umbrellas and the parenting tools that will best help us support them as individuals to become stronger and more resilient in the face of life’s challenges.  

Watch this video from Dr. Jen as she welcomes you to the Umbrella Project

Looking forward to a great year!

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Wellness Tip of the Week

Children often show us they are having a problem through their behaviour rather than words. If your child is acting out and getting into trouble often, it is a clue that something needs to be problem-solved or that they need emotional support to cope and move forward. This is a reason why the language of feelings is so important. It isn’t healthy if your child can’t tell you what is going on. When kids are acting out, there are reasons and many things can be done to help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help even if the difficulty doesn’t seem extremely serious. All children need guidance about emotions and relationships. If you ask for help or learn more about emotions and relationships yourself, you and your children will benefit.


Math Problem of the week Gr.3-4 – Give it a try!

Dates to Remember

  • Wed September 30- Orange Shirt Day (Every Child Matters Campaign)
  • Thurs October 1- Terry Fox Run
  • Thurs October 1- Thanksgiving Food Drive starts

WCDSB Information on Changing Learning Environments

Dear Dragon Families:

When we commenced the school year in September, we announced that the first transition point for families to switch their children from virtual learning to face to face learning (or vice versa), would be Thanksgiving weekend.

In Elementary Schools: Families/students may transition after the Thanksgiving weekend-but after that, it will be only at Progress Reports in November and the first report card in February.

To assist in planning to accommodate the needs of families, interested families with students in elementary schools will find the transition form on our main webpage from September 24th at 9:00 a.m. to September 28th at 6:00 p.mPlease note that requests must be made in this window of time.

The form is available on the main webpage for WCDSB at in the spotlight section (

Addition to the Dragon Update

Dragon Update September 21, 2020

New information has been given regarding students bringing equipment from home for use on the school yard. As mentioned in the Dragon update, students may bring in skipping ropes, colouring books, toys, etc… (no beyblades, or pokemon cards). In addition to this, students may bring their own soccer ball to use to pass back and forth between students within the same cohort. No hands may be used and no games at this time as students must still maintain physical distance which is not possible during a game situation.

Dragon Update – Sept 16-20th

Dragon Update for September 21th-25th  


Umbrella Skills:

Wellbeing is a skill. In fact, it is a collection of skills that can be taught to children. Each skill forms a piece of an umbrella that protects us from the rain of life.

Each month classroom teachers and students will learn about and develop specific umbrella skills that will help them get through stressful situations. As a staff we will look for students who demonstrate these skills and celebrate them in monthly assemblies.

Check out this video on how these skills help our wellbeing.

Check out Mrs. Sathiaraj signing out materials and working with students virtually out of our learning commons.

Transition Opportunities to Virtual Classroom or Face to Face Learning:

Opportunities to switch from St. Isidore (virtual) to St. Dominic (Face to Face) learning or visa-versa will be available starting at 9 am on September 24th to 6 pm on September 28. Please check the spotlight section on the website on September 21st for more information.

Three Practices in Place to keep us Safe

Masks, proper hygiene and social distancing help keep everyone safe in the Dragon’s Den. As a community we are doing very well at wearing our masks and washing our hands frequently. However, we need your help to stress the importance of social distancing with your child(ren). Thank you for your ongoing support.

Self-Assessment for your child(ren)

Please ensure that a self-assessment is completed everyday before coming to school ( to ensure the safety of our school community. If you have symptoms please stay at home until you are 24 hours symptom free and please get a Covid-19 test. Results are usually back within 2 days. 

Students who present symptoms at school will be sent home along with any siblings with parents to be checked by a medical professional or tested for Covid-19 before returning to school. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work together to keep everyone safe during this unprecedented time. 

Spirit Wear is Back!

We will be setting up our online store again ready for you to purchase some amazing St. Dominic Spirit Wear!  Stay tuned for a flyer home with the link of the website for purchases.

Boomerang Lunches

To help reduce the waste at St. Dominic’s we are promoting litter-less lunches. Where possible, please use reusable containers for snacks and know that any wrappers will be returning home to be disposed of. Thank you for your understanding and dedication to helping keep St. Dominic’s a bit more green!


Catholic School Council:

There is a fantastic opportunity for St. Dominic Savio parents to get actively involved in our school and to help shape the direction of our school life. Volunteer to be part of our Catholic School Council! We are still looking for individuals to join our advisory council. Meetings are held once a month on Tuesdays. We meet in the Library Learning Commons from 6:15 until approximately 8 pm. Our first meeting will be Tuesday, September 29th. We would love to have you come out to join us. If you are interested in joining, please email our office admin team (Erika Hayes)  at Hope to see you there!

School BBQ and Open House Cancelled:

Unfortunately due to public health regulations our school bbq and open house will not proceed this year. To stay connected with what is going on in the classroom please ensure you are following your child(s) teachers Google Classroom. Teachers will be leveraging technology and using a virtual based platform for communication. 

Use the Throne, Kick the Cone

To help students socially distance St. Dominic is using cones in the hallways to indicate when the washrooms are in use. Check out the procedural video created by Mr. Kropf and Mr. Jolly: 

Emergency Drills:

Our socially distancing fire drill was a huge success. All students were able to exit the building using a staggered exit in 3 minutes. Well done Dragons! More emergency drills to come to ensure we’re prepared if a real event was ever to occur.

Parent Drop Off and Pick Up (Rebroadcast)

Thank you to our parent community for keeping our Kiss and Drop area a safe place for student pick-up and drop off.  Please have your child(ren) arrive at the school after supervision begins in the morning (9 am). In addition, when picking up your child(ren) in the back schoolyard, we are asking for all parents to remain on the path. Furthermore, just an additional reminder that the school parking lot is now closed to parents between 9 am and 9:15 am. The safety of your child(ren) is our main concern.

Dates to Remember

Mon September 21 – Nutrition for Learning Starts

Mon September 28 – MADD presentations to the ⅞’s

Wed September 30 – Orange Shirt Day

Numeracy Tip of the Week

As a parent, you can help your child be a whiz at math, even if it wasn’t your best subject.  Some tips include:

Be positive about math.  Express confidence in your child’s ability to do math.  Don’t stress either your own fear of math or how difficult math is or how much you admire anyone who can do math.  Remember, everyone can and does use math all the time.

Show your kids math at work in their world.  Get your kids used to math by thinking out loud when making calculations.  Then, let your children work out some real-life puzzles themselves.  For example:

  • Let them measure when you bake.
  • Ask them to figure out how long of a hose you need to reach from the faucet on the side of the house to the garden.
  • Let your child figure out how many miles you’ll be driving on your next trip by using the information on a map.
  • Sort silverware by knives, forks, and spoons.  Sort cards by suit or numbers.

Make math a game.  Math games are fun and inexpensive.  They are a wonderful way to get your kids to enjoy working with numbers, as well as improve their number skills.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Many games that we take for granted are excellent math lessons.  “Go Fish” teaches counting and grouping in sets.  Games that use play money teach how to make change.  Board games that use dice teach addition and counting.  Backgammon teaches addition, subtraction, and strategy.
  • Beans, stones, or marbles can be used to play number games.  Let your child develop his or her own games by sorting beans into different sizes or types, setting up the rules for a counting game, or using different types of pasta to make a picture.
  • Give your children a geometry lesson by letting them create a collage of circles, squares, and triangles.  Challenge them to come up with as many different shapes as they can using only triangles.
  • Play store with the items in your cupboard.
  • A pan of water and some jars or cups of different sizes will amuse a child for hours while teaching capacity and volume.

Language International Language Program at St. Louis School

Dear Parents,


Families in the community are invited to join the St. Louis International Language Program for free! This is an exciting opportunity for elementary-aged students (JK to Grade 8) to learn a new language! Learning an additional language develops many skills and provides various opportunities for them throughout their lives.

We are offering virtual classes through Google Meet, every Saturday until further notice. The classes will be a half-hour long and are in small groups. This year is going to be fun and exciting with great learning experiences for your children. You can find more information on the International Language website ( The registration is open until September 20th, 2020.

Dragon Update Sept 13-19

First Week Success!

Our Dragon Community had an AWESOME first week of school. A huge Thank You goes out to our fantastic teachers who made this memorable start possible and to our students for coming to school excited for school and ready to learn. We’re already making great memories. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us! Way to go Dragons! Check out our first day back on CTV news.


Kindergarten Students

Just a reminder that all Kindergarten students will be in class on Monday as our regular schedule begins. It was great seeing all of our new Year 1 students come in last week with their parents and joining their Year 2 friends. What an exciting time for our newest Dragons!


Parking lot

For the safety of our students the gates in the parking lot will be closed at 9:05 am to limit traffic movement while students are coming to school. Thank you for your cooperation.


Remembering Tania Yonan

As many of you know Tania Yonan a grade eight student last year died tragically in a 

boating accident over the summer. We are hosting a liturgy to celebrate her life on September 17th at 4:15 pm. Due to public health restrictions we can only accommodate 50 people so we will be broadcasting virtually on Google Meets. You will need to be logged onto your child’s account if you wish to join us. Here’s the link:


Bring your Own Device:

We are encouraging students in all grades to bring their own Chromebooks, Laptops, and devices to supplement their learning. We will be leveraging digital tools in all classrooms to help students be better prepared for distance learning if that becomes a reality and to minimize use of manipulatives that are handled by students. As students have engaged more with the technology that is available in their classrooms, many families have expressed interest in purchasing a device for their child to use at school and at home. WCDSB families have reached out, seeking advice about which technology would best support their child’s learning, is reasonably priced, yet durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use as it’s transported back and forth to school each day.

Devices for Families in Need: Free learning device/computer offerings for low income families:

Visit our web site to learn more about the programs and devices that are available for purchase through STAPLES and Dell.


Orange Shirt Day

Just so you can prepare. St. Dominic’s will be celebrating Orange Shirt Day on September 3

0th. Orange shirt day’s purpose is to recognize the legacy of the Residential school system for First Nations, Metis and Inuit families and communities. It is a show of support and understanding of the history of the school system that impacts many First Nations, Metis and Inuit people today. By wearing an orange shirt, we have an opportunity to bring awareness to the history of residential schools and to stand up against other injustices that may impact our children/students. Let’s turn the Dragon’s Den ORANGE!


Nutrition For Learning

St. Dominic School is very fortunate to be able to offer the Nutrition for Learning program again this year. Nutrition for Learning provides our school with healthy snacks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The program will begin the week of September 21st, so please be sure to pack your child enough snacks until we start receiving our food. Soon you will see the Nutrition for Learning Toonie Postcards coming home with your child. Please consider taping a toonie to the postcard to help fund our schools program. We appreciate all of your support!


Safety Drills

It is our goal to continue to provide a warm, welcoming and safe learning environment for all.  The entire school community will be participating in various safety drills this upcoming week including both fire and lockdown drills.  Please continue to talk to your children about the importance of safety in a school environment. We take a lot of pride to ensure that we offer a safe environment and will continue to support students through this lens. Our first drills will take place on Tuesday, Sept 10th. Ask your child(ren) how they went!


Parent Drop Off and Pick Up

Thank you parents for helping this past week with drop-off and pick-up during this new norm. Moving forward we would like you to say goodbye to your children along the fence line of the kiss and drop and staff parking lot, or along the community pathway. Thank you to our parent community for keeping our Kiss and Drop area a safe place for student pick-up and drop off.  Please have your child(ren) arrive at the school after supervision begins in the morning (9 am).  The safety of your child(ren) is our main concern.


Lunch Drop off

We are asking parents not to drop off lunches at the school as we try to limit the number of community members in our facilities. Only in extenuating circumstances will this be allowed. Safety is our number one priority.


Pizza Lunches

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer pizza lunches at this point due to public health restrictions.



If your child has an allergic reaction to any food or insect, please contact the main office and ask for an Administration of Medication: Epipen form. We ask that all children who require Epipens carry them on their persons (not in their backpacks) at all times. In addition, we ask that all children bring a spare Epipen to school in the event of an anaphylactic reaction and a second dose is required. 

If your child has an illness, a medical condition or a physical disability that may require monitoring/awareness/a special response in an emergency, you are asked to contact the main office. We will send a Medical Alert form home. We will also request a meeting to develop a protocol for your child while at school or at a school related event. 

According to Board policy, school staff or volunteers should not be involved with the administration of medication. However, the Board recognizes that on occasions, schools will need to be responsible for students who are receiving medication, or who under certain circumstances may require an emergency re

sponse to a severe allergic reaction. If your child requires such medication, please contact the main office and ask

 for an Administration of Oral Medication form. This form MUST be completed before any medication may be administered!


Dates to Remember

Tuesday September 15- Fire Safety Drills

Wednesday September 30 – Orange Shirt Day


Try this junior level math problem:

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