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WCDSB Schools Open on Wednesday December 18th, 2019

The potential one day strike announced by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) will not affect WCDSB elementary and secondary schools. Our school will be open as usual on Wednesday and running on a normal schedule.

Dragon Update: December 16-20

Dragon Update for December 16-20

The Umbrella Project Theme for December: Cognitive Flexibility

The new Umbrella Project Theme for the month of December is Cognitive Flexibility. Cognitive Flexibility is the ability to: change our strategies when we face new and unexpected conditions in the environment; solve problems in new situations; make sense of the unexpected; switch tasks easily; shift and change our thoughts as needed in a situation; and being able to think flexibly. This is a very important skill to master in order to be innovative. Cognitive Thinking is further explained in the video attached in the link below. Watch for further tips all month in future Dragon Updates.

Cognitive Flexibility 

The Christmas Food, NEW TOY and NEW Winter Accessory Tree Last Call!

St Dominic will once again be holding The Christmas Food, NEW TOY and NEW Winter Accessory Tree as our Social Justice Peace Tree Team Initiative for December. This campaign will run from November 28th to December 18th.

St. Dominic Primary Christmas Concert

What a spectacular performance! Our Early Years and Primary Divisions entertained the masses on Thursday with their Primary Christmas Concert. All students put on outstanding performances and should be proud of their hard work in learning their songs and dances. Thanks goes out to Mrs. Campbell for her hard work in planning this great morning of music and dance, and to the Planning Time teachers for their hard work in preparing our students. Way to go Dragons!

Family Christmas Night

What a night! The Family Christmas Night was an awesome success! Live music, crafts, baked goods, hot chocolate and the big man himself. Could not have asked for a better night. Thanks goes out to School Council for their hard work in putting on this great event! What a great way to kick off this festive season.

Advent Mass at St. Mark’s Parish

Our school community will have the opportunity to celebrate our Advent Mass at St. Mark’s Parish on Thursday at 10 AM. We will be travelling by bus courtesy of our fantastic Catholic School Council. All parents and families are welcome to join us on Thursday!

St. Dominic Dragonball

Just a reminder for your basketball fans: St. Dominic Dragonball will be starting up on January 9th, and running Thursday evenings. See the attached link if you are interested. As always, first come, first served.

Flyer – St Dominic Basketball

Advent Resources for Families

Have you been looking for ways to engage in meaningful family oriented Advent themed activities? Well look no further! We have a great resource for you to use at home.

Busted Halo is a unique media resource that utilizes a relevant and accessible voice to help people understand the Catholic faith, put it into practice in their everyday lives, and share it with others.

Our vision is for a more joyful and meaningful experience of Catholicism that positively impacts people’s lives. At Busted Halo, we aim to bring the joy of the Gospel to all people in innovative and creative ways. Through articles, video, podcasts, radio, and social media, we aspire to help Catholics embrace their faith more fully. We value the experiences and questions of people seeking to better understand their faith and offer resources to better comprehend and share the richness of the Catholic faith.

APH 008: Inclement Weather Procedures

Below is a summary of important points regarding our school board policies related to Inclement Weather. Please reference this policy for detailed information regarding cancellations and early dismissals.

  • We will reference for accurate forecasts using PointCast location. You can also check this information from home. Simply type in the postal code for the school (N2N 3A6) and get localized information.
  • When the temperature (including windchill or “feels like”) is –14°C or warmer students will be outside for the entire duration of recess.
  • When the temperature (including windchill or “feels like”) is –15°C to—19°C students will be limited to 20 minutes of outdoor time at a time.
  • When the temperature (including windchill or “feels like”) is –20°C or colder students will be kept indoors.

It is critical that students be dressed appropriately for Canadian winter.

  • Please make sure your child has a hat, mitts/ gloves, snow pants, winter coat, boots. If you need assistance providing this for your child we are happy to help out.

Click the following link for the AP Policy Memo:

Inclement Weather Procedures

School Bus Cancellations due to Inclement Weather

All arrangements and decisions regarding student transportation are coordinated by Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region. For detailed information regarding the procedures for Inclement Weather and Student Transportation decisions please refer to the following link:

 STSWR Inclement Weather 2019-20 .

It is extremely important for parents/ guardians to subscribe to the STSWR email notification service to be informed of any delays to your child’s transportation. Please do not call the school when your child’s bus is running late as we have no control over transportation delays. We subscribe to the STSWR Twitter feed and email notifications and therefore, receive the same updates as families through this subscription service. Please add this subscription to your personal email service to receive up to date information.

Math Matters

Can you solve this puzzle?

  • There is a three digit number. The second digit is four times as big as the third digit, while the first digit is three less than the second digit. What is the number?
  • In two years I know I’ll be twice as old as five years ago, said Tom. How old is Tom?

Dates to Remember

Mon Dec 16- Grade 2 Field Trip to Doon Museum

Mon Dec 16- Pizza Day

Mon Dec 16- Christmas Socks Day

Mon Dec 16-18 Peace Tree Rafiki Sales

Tues Dec 17- Christmas Sweater Day

Wed Dec 18- Christmas Colours Day

Thurs Dec 19- Wear Your Favourite Christmas Decoration Day

Thurs Dec 19- Advent Mass at St. Mark’s Parish 10 AM

Fri Dec 20- Say Merry Christmas Day

Fri Dec 20- Ms. Herzog’s Class Trip to Laurel Creek All Day

Fri Dec 20- Intermediate Division Bowling Excursion PM

Fri Dec 20- Last Day of School before Christmas Break















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