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Grade 2 & 7 ENROLLMENT Masses

It’s an exciting time getting reading for First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation; all of which will be taking place in the new year.  In order for your child to prepare for these Sacraments it’s important to register.  In order to do so, please attend Mass at St. Mark’s Parish the weekend of December 1st and 2nd.  If you have any questions regarding enrollment or the Sacraments that your child will be participating in, please reach out to the church directly at 519-571-9200.

Student of the Month Lunch – Tuesday, November 13


It is with great enthusiasm we congratulate the Students of the Month for October on a job well done!
To celebrate, St. Dominic Savio will be holding a pizza lunch on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018.
This lunch will be a pepperoni &/or cheese pizza from Gino’s Pizza.
The winners for October demonstrated “Gratitude” in their daily interactions.
Thank you to all students for setting a great example.
Please review the list below to ensure that your child is aware of the pizza lunch tomorrow.

Student of the Month October Theme: Gratitude

STAFF NAME GR Students: Please include First and Last Name
DETZLER, Sarah JKK4 Finley Al, Satori M, Zander M
KUNTZ, Kate JKK5 Bailey H, Agom O, Melat L
McCUTCHEON, Nancy JKK6 Sierra S, Jonah M
COELHO, Anne 1A Allyson F, Braelynn S
CIMERMANCIC, Monica 1B Bentley R. & Olivia I.
SCHNARR, Kerri 1/2 Reese H
BATISTE, Alison 2 Robbie W
HERZOG, Cathy 2/3 Ridley B
MONTES, Nancy 3 Andy A
PARISI, Daniela 3 Brianna H, Julia H
KOHLER, Brittany 4 Matthew B
JOHNSON, Leia 4/5 Jessica S, Rita O,
TANK, Alicia 5 Natasa S
JOLLY, Todd 5 Jacob C, Sarah H, Maria L
KROPF, MARK 6 Shawn N, Mina Ai, Jacob P
SHERMETO, Laura 6 Miron M, Bryce N
PASQUALINO, Maggie 7B Paul P
VAN LOOYEN,  Tony 8A Mya A
ROSS, Brian 8B Loren R
CAMPBELL, Sue PT Herzog gr.⅔ – Lena S
Schnarr gr.½ – Ella C
Batiste gr.2 – Nina O
MCKENZIE, Heather/

D’Arcy Shannon

PT Montes gr. 3- Ryan S
Parisi gr.3 – Imman K
McCutcheon EL- Ellis R
Kuntz EL-Emma K
Detzler EL- Aleks K
HAMBLETON, Brittany Ronica (Cimermancic)

Cameron (Coelho)

ACX, Hilde FSL Gabriel V g8 Ross
EVANS MARTIN, Carmel FSL Danika Mayo (Gr 5 Jolly)

Weekly Dragon Update – Nov 12 -16

November 12-16    

The students of St. Dominic were taken through a beautiful tribute to our veterans on Friday.  We were able to gather an understanding of the meaning of Remembrance Day. We paid tribute to those who have fought for our freedom.  A special thank you to the Student Council and the Ms. Shermeto’s students who reminded us the importance of remembering and celebrating our freedoms.

Pathways Night at Resurrection High School

The Resurrection School Council is hosting a Pathways Night on November 14th .  They will have many different speakers from a very wide cross section of employment sectors.  We hope that your both you and your children may take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity.  

Student of the Month

We are pleased to announce that our Student of the Month luncheon will take place on Tuesday November 13th.  Students will be offered pizza and a treat for their efforts in exhibiting gratitude all month long. Congrats to all of our students!

Extended Recess

The students of St. Dominic have earned an extra recess for their efforts in collecting over 700 lbs of food during our Thanksgiving food drive.  We will have an extended recess from 2:40-2:55 on Tuesday November 13th (weather permitting). Again, our Dragons show their incredible spirit of giving!

Wllness Tip of the Week – How to promote GRIT in your child


Bouncing back from failure turns out to be one of the best lessons a kid can learn. In fact, according to Angela Duckworth, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, that skill (along with certain other character traits she calls “grit”) matters more to a child’s ability to reach his full potential than intelligence, skill, or even grades.

Put a challenge in front of him.

True achievement happens when people bust through boundaries and barriers. If your child never has a chance to triumph over something difficult, she may never develop confidence in her ability to confront a challenge. Taking risks is an important way kids learn.

  • Teach It: Give your child the opportunity to pursue at least one difficult thing, suggests Duckworth. “It has to be something that requires discipline to practice,” she says. The actual activity doesn’t matter as much as the effort; Duckworth’s youngest child tried track, piano, and ballet before settling on gymnastics. “She couldn’t do a cartwheel at first, and had a lot of anxiety about it. Eventually, she got over the anxiety barrier and now she likes them so much that she literally does cartwheels two hours a day.” Encouraging kids to try new things gives them a chance to prove they can do anything.

Promote perseverance.

Many of us hold on to the idea that skill comes naturally: that if we’re good—or not good—at something, it’s because we were born that way. The problem with this belief is that it leads many kids to give up on things. Plus, it’s simply not true. Even naturally gifted people have

to work hard to hone their ability with hours of practice.

  • Teach It: Try one of Duckworth’s family rules: Don’t Quit on a Bad Day. Giving up the second things get frustrating means you might miss out on something really great—like eventually scoring that winning goal or hearing the roar of applause after a performance. So Duckworth insists that her two girls, ages 9 and 11, follow through on all activities until the end of the season or session. If they choose not to sign up again, so be it. What matters is that they push through the discomfort that’s a natural part of the learning process.

Math Matters!

Art and Math
Art and math have a lot in common with each other. In fact you can see the math in art and the art in math! Patterns, shapes, geometry, symmetry, spatial reasoning, proportional reasoning, etc… are all a part of the arts (visual art, music and dance), as they are of mathematics.

Some of what you see your child doing in school in the arts, is also an engagement with mathematical ideas at the same time! By blending mathematics and the arts, students learn in ways that are intellectual, emotional and physical. Children learn in many different ways, and research tells us that participating in the arts is one way that is very engaging for all of us.

A child stringing beads in a pattern on a string or creating a patterned bracelet is creating an understanding of patterning, although to them it may look simply like a pleasing design. When a child learns to play the piano, they are developing mathematical understanding of the relationships between scales, notes and chords. Symmetry can be seen in the symmetrical features of a butterfly or in a design when building. Children may notice patterns in wallpaper, tile tessellations on the floor or on a phone cover, rhythmic beats or repeated choreography in music videos or chords in a popular song. There is math everywhere!

How might you and your child notice and name the mathematics in the arts (visual, music and dance) that you encounter? Making the links helps deepen the understanding of both!

Interested in more?! Search on the internet for “golden ratio” to see an example of mathematics at work in nature and art!

Mon. Nov 12 – Financial Literacy Presentations for all Intermediate ClassesDates to Remember

  • Tues. Nov 13 – Bus Evacuation Training
  • Wed. Nov 14 – Grade 8 Day at Resurrection
  • Thurs. Nov 15 – Bible Celebration at 9:45
  • Thurs. Nov 15 – Boston Pizza Lunch
  • Fri. Nov 16 – PA Day
  • Tues. Nov 20 – Safe Tech Use Presentation – Intermediates
  • Tues. Nov 20 – School Council Mtg 6:15pm
  • Tues. Nov 20 – Stemmlers Fundraiser Forms go home
  • Wed. Nov 21 – Laurier vs. Waterloo Hockey Game – Grades 4-8
  • Thurs. Nov 22 – Johnston and Kohler Class trip to Laurel Creek







Cold and Wet Weather Preparation

It’s that time of year where the weather is unpredictable and often cold, wet and very rainy.  Due to this we are asking ALL students (students in grades JK through to grade 8) to please pack extra socks, pants and shirts into backpacks.   We would like to keep the phone calls out to parents to a minimum when it comes to coming into the school to give children a new set of clothes.  To be proactive, we are asking that all students please have extra clothing in their backpack at all times.  Thank you for your assistance with this; it’s greatly appreciated.

Scholastic Book Fair On Now (Volunteers Required for Thursday Night)

NOVEMBER 5TH – 9TH  2018

The scholastic Book Fair is here!
It will be open the following times:
November 5th, 6th, 7th & 9th @  9:00 am to 4:00 pm
November 8th 9:00 am to 9:00 pm  (Student – Parents -Teachers Conference)
If you are able to be a volunteer during the hours of 5:00pm – 8:00pm on Thursday, November 8th,
please contact St. Dominic Savio’s Office at 519-576-5503. 

The Learning Commons is very busy during the Parent/Teacher Conference.  Any extra help would be greatly appreciated.



A trip to the Kitchener Auditorium has been organized to complement the Junior/Intermediate (GRADE 4 – GRADE 8) curriculum. The trip will take place on Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 and the cost is $7 (includes admission and bus costs). We will be leaving the school at 10:00 a.m. and departing the Auditorium at 2:00 pm.

We have been invited (along with many other schools throughout the region) to watch the Wilfrid Laurier University Varsity Men’s hockey team battle their University Avenue rivals from the University of Waterloo in “THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO”.

The game will feature the “Teddy Bear Toss” promotion. All attendees are encouraged to bring a new or gently used stuffed toy to the game. When Laurier scores their first goal, everyone will be invited to throw their items on to the ice where they will then be collected by volunteers. The Golden Hawks will then be donating all these items to a few local charities and community groups in the region. Their goal is to create the largest Teddy Bear Toss event in the OUA. We are sure this event will add a fun and exciting element to the game.

Please pay ($7) and give permission through Cash Online to the school no later than Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Several parent volunteers will be required for this trip. If you can volunteer, please check the appropriate box on the online permission form. Volunteers will be contacted approximately seven to ten days before the trip.  LINK TO CASH ONLINE:


Weekly Dragon Update Nov. 5th – 9th

November 5-9

What a fun filled week of candy treats and scary costumes!  Sr. Dominic hallways were filled with superheroes, princesses and lots of smiling faces as we celebrated Halloween.  A special thanks to the Student Council who put on a great dance filled with lots of energy and fun!

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be coming home on Tuesday.  Please review with your child all of the wonderful attributes they are showcasing this year.  Embedded into the progress report are next steps for each student to help them improve. Take a look – lots of suggestions to help move your child forward in their learning!


Pathways Night at Resurrection High School

The Resurrection School Council is hosting a Pathways Night on November 14th .  They will have many different speakers from a very wide cross section of employment sectors.  We hope that your both you and your children may take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity.  

Wellness Tip of the Week

Break the cycle

Many adults grew up being shut down and ashamed of their feelings. They tried to ignore them in order to get through tough times. We pass this on to kids unintentionally. Children are like mirrors that reflect back what they see in their environments. Teach your kids to grow emotionally by showing them you aren’t afraid to express feelings and to cope in a positive way. Don’t shame your children for having tough feelings or being upset. If you don’t know how, ask for help. There is nothing wrong with needing help. If your children need help, you want them to be able to ask for it, so it is important that you show them you are able to ask for help as well.

If you lose your temper, first apologize; next, show your kids how to grow by making emotionally healthy choices yourself. Teach them by example to take responsibility for their actions. Show them it is normal to make a mistake. It isn’t your fault if you didn’t learn these skills in your childhood. It is likely that your parents weren’t aware of how to cope with their difficult emotions in a healthy way either. Fear of feeling gets passed through generations. You can make a change for the better if you aren’t afraid to challenge yourself and learn new ways to connect with your child.  (

Math Matters!

Dates to Remember

  • Mon. Nov 5 – Book Fair Begins
  • Mon Nov 5 – Boys Volleyball at St. Agnes, Girls’ Basketball @ St. Dominic
  • Tues. Nov 6 – Progress Reports go Home
  • Wed. Nov 7 – Girls Basketball at St. Luke, Boys Volleyball at St. Dominic
  • Wed. Nov 7 – School Council Chair Commissioning @ 6:00 pm
  • Thurs. Nov 8 – Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:00 – 9:00 pm
  • Thurs. Nov 8 – Pita Pit Lunch
  • Fri. Nov 9 – Remembrance Day Observation at 10:30
  • Fri. Nov 9 – Popcorn Day
  • Mon. Nov 12 – Financial Literacy Presentations for all Intermediate Classes
  • Tues. Nov 13 – Bus Evacuation Training
  • Wed. Nov 14 – Grade 8 Day at Resurrection
  • Thurs. Nov 15 – Bible Celebration at 9:45
  • Thurs. Nov 15 – Boston Pizza Lunch
  • Fri. Nov 16 – PA Day






Reminder: Picture Retake Day – Friday, November 2, 2018

Tomorrow, Friday, November 2nd, 2018 is Picture retake day.  The retakes will begin at 1:00pm.  If you would like your child to have their picture redone, there are forms in the office.  Also, if your child was absent on Picture day, this is their opportunity to have their school photos done.  For more information please feel free to call the office 519-576-5503.