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Student of the Month Luncheon Tomorrow

The following students will be recognized tomorrow at our year end assembly for living the theme of ‘Perseverance’ and ‘Finishing Strong’. They will be receiving a pizza lunch and treat tomorrow as well.  Great work Dragons! Congratulations!

STAFF NAME GR Students: Please include First and Last Name
BERG, Joanna JKK4 Vesna M., Marko R., Gabriel C. and Cole B.
KUNTZ, Kate JKK5 Grace Meyer-Hebebrand, Jaxon Finavera, Grayson Foster
DETZLER, Sarah JKK6 Ethan Teklezghi, Ellis Rellinger
COELHO, Anne 1A Jason Larush, Leo H
CIMERMANCIC, Monica 1B Maleya Sahlu, Ryden Leslie-Bouffard, Coen Klein-Geltink
SCHNARR, Kerri 2 Tyson Z
BATISTE, Alison 2 Chase Weiss, Megan Shi, Jack Kelly-Lima
HERZOG, Cathy 2/3 Ashton A., Meriam M.
MONTES, Nancy 3 Mikel Dkour & Caden Baxter
Parisi, Daniela 3/4 Trenton S, Austin D.
KOHLER, Brittany 4 Brihana P
JOHNSTON, Leia 4/5 Alex Pereria, Matthew C, Lucas D, Brooke
TANK, Alicia 5 Max Rowley
KROPF, Mark 5/6 Jacob Fonseca, Daniela Ospina, John Stewart
JOLLY, Todd 6 Ivan L., Katu W.,Natalie W, Darcy M.
Shermeto, Laura 6/7 Genevieve Heiser-Foleanu (6), James Braendle (7), Lauren Fererra (7)
BAUER-PUSZTAHEGYI, Edina 7A Rylan Butcher, James Videz
PASQUALINO, Maggie 7B Mya Azevedo, Joshua McDonald
VAN LOOYEN,  Tony 8A Christina NguyenKenzie
ROSS, Brian 8B Colby Delaney, Allison McCabe
CAMPBELL, Sue PT Cimermancic gr.1 – Simon Perham

Schnarr gr.2 – Hailey Connelly

Coelho gr. 1 -Ava Kritz

Herzog gr.⅔ – Bryson Chaput

Batiste gr.2 -Jack Kelly-Lima

McKenzie, Heather PT Evangeline (Berg)     Olivia K (Kuntz) Jack (Detzler)    Jayden (Montes), Adom (Parisi)
ACX, Hilde FSL Riley Greig (7 Shermeto)

(Mme Evans Martin)

FSL John Cooper (Grade 4 – Johnston)
REIST, Amanda FSL Jessica Seres (4 Parisi)

Bus Route 233 – Blue Bus

FYI…the bus is running late. It is 4:30 at the moment and we have informed by the company the bus is on it’s way. If parents wish to pick up their children feel free do so.

Pat Runstedler

Weekly Dragon Update:

Dragon Update for June 25 – 29

Family Fun Night!

What a great evening to celebrate the end of the school year.  We had a wonderful turnout and lots of fun was had! The games were a hit with our students and the dunk tank was the highlight of the night!  A special thanks to all of the parents who supported the event with their efforts and time. You sure did plan a special evening and we really appreciate everything you do for us!

We have made it to the last week of school…and what a wonderful year it has been!  We have been able to share in many blessings this year as a school community and we look forward to the next!  We celebrated our year end commissioning mass with Father Steve and Deacon Basil and everyone received a special blessing. As well, our Grade 8’s continued the pilgrimage cross journey by passing it on to our brothers and sisters at St. Mark.

Please know that we worked hard during the 2018-2018 school year to ensure that each child felt loved and valued and were given many opportunities to be celebrated and to share their God given gifts with their peers and all those around them.  We feel blessed to have been able to serve the St. Dominic community and are already planning away for next year. We want to wish you all the very best this summer as you rest and enjoy time spent with family and/or friends. Please know that we will be thinking of you all.  Have a safe and fun-filled summer!

O God of all beginnings and endings,
We praise and thank you for the gift of this school year.
It has been a time filled with grace and blessings,
With challenges and opportunities, joys and sorrows.
The days have passed quickly, O Lord.
The weeks, the months, the seasons, the holidays and holy days,
The tests, vacations, breaks, and assemblies,
All have come forth from your hand.
Give us the rest and refreshment we need this summer.
Let our efforts of this past year bear fruit.
Bring all of our plans to a joyful conclusion,
And bless us, according to your will,
With the fulfillment of our summer hopes and dreams.
Watch over us in the weeks of rest ahead,
And guide each day as you have done this past year.
Help us return to school with a new spirit and a new energy.
May we continue to grow
In age, wisdom, knowledge and grace
All the days of our lives.


Dates to Remember!

  1. Tues. June 26 – Herzog and Montes Field Trip to Crawford Lake
  2. Tues. June 26 – JK/SK Trip to Huron Natural Area
  3. Tues. June 26 – French Recognition Ice Cream Party
  4. Tues. June 26 – Grade 8 Graduation Mass and Celebration – 6pm
  5. Wed. June 27 – Student of the month Luncheon for June/Year end Assembly
  6. Thurs. June 28 – Talent Show – all day
  7. Fri. June 29 – Last Day of School – regular dismissal
  8. Thurs. August 30th – Sneak Peek – 8:00 – 5:00 pm

Weekly Dragon Update – June 18 – 22

Happy Fathers Day!

The St. Dominic School community would like to wish all of the father’s a wonderful Father’s Day. “Blessed is the Father who lets the Lord be his guiding hand, whose faith brings his family courage, who’s wisdom comes from God and whose children still stand and honour him.”  May your day be filled with blessings.

The Pilgrimage Cross is here!

What a glorious site it was!  Our Grade 8 students met our neighbouring school St. John’s to make the transfer for the pilgrimage cross to the St. Dominic community.  Students from both schools were reverent as they carried the cross and were reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us. As we all have our own crosses to bear, let us be reminded that when we work together our load lightens a bit.  The cross sits in our Learning Commons until June 21st in which we will make the pilgrimage to St. Mark’s school. Please come by and see the cross – it is a beautiful sight!

Math Riddle of the Week

Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. June 18 – Pilgrimage Cross Visits
  2. Tues. June 19 – Intermediate Soccer Tourney
  3. Tues. June 19 – Deacon Basil visits Grade 8’s
  4. Wed. June 20 – Montes and Parisi Trip to Museum
  5. Wed. June 20 – Year End Mass
  6. Wed. June 20 – Strong Start Celebration
  7. Wed. June 20 – End of Year Celebration (5:30-7:00)
  8. Thurs. June 21 – Pilgrimage Cross delivered to St. Mark
  9. Thurs. June 21 – Boston Pizza Lunch
  10. Fri. June 22 – Artshine rotations – Grades 1 and 2

Student of the Month Luncheon Tomorrow!

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for April and May. The theme for April was JOY and the we focused on Renewing the Promise in May.  Our Student of the Month pizza celebration will be Wednesday, June 13th. Our recipients for both months are listed below. We are proud of all our Dragons!

May Theme: Renewing the Promise

BERG, Joanna JKK4 Kylie N, Cameron P, Ronica A.
KUNTZ, Kate JKK5 Joaquin M, Anita S, Evangeline U
DETZLER, Sarah JKK6 Sierra S, Lucas G
COELHO, Anne 1A Timmy D,  Isaiah W, Oliver J
CIMERMANCIC, Monica 1B Marcus G, Dylan S
SCHNARR, Kerri 2 Julia H, Brianna H
BATISTE, Alison 2 Willem P; Eric S
HERZOG, Cathy 2/3 Emma C, Bryson C
MONTES, Nancy 3 Ethan T
Parisi, Daniela 3/4 Mary O Andre A
KOHLER, Brittany 4 Natasha S and Blake S
JOHNSTON, Leia 4/5 John C, Josh W
TANK, Alicia 5 Patricia W
KROPF, Mark 5/6 Kyle Terence O, Shyanne H, Devon B
JOLLY, Todd 6 Aligo K, Brittney C, James W, Olivia Bolejsko
Shermeto, Laura 6/7 Andrea O, Paul P, Cristiano N
PASQUALINO, Maggie 7B Natalia Y
VAN LOOYEN,  Tony 8A Avery C, Emily D
ROSS, Brian 8B Tandyn C Tanis W
CAMPBELL, Sue PT Frankie K, Lucas S, Cali M, Max N, Reese B
HAMBLETON, Brittany PT  C.J F, Melat L, Dakota M , Luka S , Riley J
ACX, Hilde FSL Claire N

(Mme Evans Martin)

FSL Leticia A
REIST, Amanda FSL Isabella C


April Theme: Joy

STAFF NAME GR Students: Please include First and Last Name
BERG, Joanna JKK4 Zikaylah, David and Josie
KUNTZ, Kate JKK5 Allyson, Fares Z, Melat L
DETZLER, Sarah JKK6 Dakota M, Augusztine G
COELHO, Anne 1A Evie K,  Diezel B
CIMERMANCIC, Monica 1B Silas M, Liam M
SCHNARR, Kerri 2 Lucas S, Hailey C
BATISTE, Alison 2 Imman K
HERZOG, Cathy 2/3 Evan T, Logan B
MONTES, Nancy 3 Brayden Ri
Parisi, Daniela 3/4 Owen Z/ Ava S
KOHLER, Brittany 4 Brooklyn C and Tomas C
JOHNSTON, Leia 4/5 Karina N Kadeema W,
TANK, Alicia 5 Rodrigo S
KROPF, Mark 5/6 Andy L, Kevin C, Callum B
JOLLY, Todd 6 William C, Darcy M, Dylan C
Shermeto, Laura 6/7 Olimpia R & Avery M
PASQUALINO, Maggie 7B Owen S
VAN LOOYEN,  Tony 8A Sophie T, Sydney R
ROSS, Brian 8B Bernadette W
CAMPBELL, Sue PT Hailey S, Ryan S, Robbie W, Meriam M, Megan S
HAMBLETON, Brittany PT Olivia L, Roberta S, Bella W, Sienna M, Leah S
ACX, Hilde FSL  Olivia H
EVANS MARTIN, Carmel FSL Shyanne H
REIST, Amanda FSL Adonyias


Weekly Dragon Update June 11 – 15

Dragon Update for June 11-15

Family Fun Night!

Get Ready Dragons!!! It’s been a great year and it’s time to celebrate! We hope you will join us for our end of the year Family Fun Night!!  It will take place on Wednesday, June 20th from 5:30-7:00 pm. Once again, we will be raffling off special baskets made up by our wonderful classes. Notes were sent home describing what theme your child’s class has. Please have all donation items into your child’s class by Friday, June 15th. We thank you again for your continued support. We’re looking forward to this fun-filled night!

Pilgrimage Cross

Earlier this school year, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board transitioned into our Pastoral Theme: “People of Faith” and a Pilgrimage Cross was created to honour this. This cross was blessed by Bishop Crosby and has been passed from school to school within the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. The students and staff of St. Dominic are very excited to embrace the pilgrimage cross that is set to arrive at our school this Friday June 15th.  The St. John school community will be passing the cross to our Grade 8 students from Mr. VanLooyen’s class. The cross will be carried through the streets leading to St. Dominic as a reminder and celebration of our Lord. During the following week, the cross will remain in our learning commons and classes will be invited to participate in reflective activities to show their faith. The cross will leave St. Dominic and make its way to the St. Mark school community.  Please come and visit the cross over the course of the week and ask your children about the meaning behind this wonderful journey!

Math Riddle of the Week

About how many almonds are in a new container?  Try to estimate using your numeracy skills!

Dates to Remember!

  1. Tues. June 12 – Junior Boys and Girls Baseball Tourney (PM)
  2. Wed. June 13 – Student of the Month Luncheon (April/May)
  3. Wed. June 13 – Ukelele Club at noon
  4. Wed. June 13 – Floor Hockey at lunch
  5. Thurs. June 14 – Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
  6. Thurs. June 14 – Intermediate Year End Field Trip
  7. Thurs. June 14 – Pita Pit Lunch
  8. Fri. June 15 – Menchies Treat Day
  9. Fri. June 15 – Pilgrimage cross arrives at St. Dominic


Jump Rope for Heart!

We raised a total of $2769.95 for this years Jump Rope for Heart. The funds raised go to support the organizations mission of bringing more survivors home to their families.

All prizes will be handed out next week to students that earned them.

Thank You!

Weekly Dragon Update June 4 – 8

Dragon Update for June 4 – 8

Swiss Chalet Family Night:

hank you to all of you who supported our fundraiser last Thursday night by dining in or ordering take out.  Swiss Chalet donates 10% of gross sales to St. Dominic and we hope to receive a donation in the neighbourhood  of $250.

EQAO Testing

Congratulations to all of our students who have completed their EQAO testing.  Students persevered and showed great spirit as they worked through problems, showcasing what they know.  You make us proud everyday Dragons!!

Upcoming Election

On Thursday June 7, St. Dominic School will be used as a voting site.  The gym will be used for the voting polls. Please remember to exercise your right to vote!

Mission Day

Mission Day in on Tuesday!!  This is always a fun day filled with excitement and joy for our students.  Our staff go to great lengths to ensure that they prepare fun activities for the students of the school in order to raise funds for those in need.  We will be supporting the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the David Suzuki Fund. Thank you to parents who have already donated items for the day!

Math Riddle of the Week

How can you add eight 8’s to get the number 1,000? (only use addition)

Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. June 4 – Pottery – Grades 2s and 3s
  2. Tues. June 5 – Mission Day (1-3pm)
  3. Tues. June 5 – Intermediate Soccer Exhibition Game afterschool
  4. Tues. June 5 – School Council Mtg – 6:15pm
  5. Wed. June 6 – Floor Hockey at lunch
  6. Wed. June 6 – Ukelele Club at noon
  7. Thurs. June 7 – Subway Lunch
  8. Thurs. June 7 – School Skate Program for all Grade 1’s
  9. Thurs. June 7 – Election Voting in gym all day
  10. Thurs. June 7 – Regional Track Meet at University Stadium
  11. Fri. June 8 – Grade 7 Day at Resurrection