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Early Bird Dance-A-Thon Draw

The Dance-A-Thon Early Bird draw begins Thursday, February 1st until Thursday, February 8th, 2018.
Each student received an Early Bird Pledge Form.  With this form, guardians/parents are able to confirm the pledges to date for each student.
Each $5.00 raised as part of the Early Bird Draw, will give one ballot into the Early Bird Ballot Box.  Winners will be drawn daily from February 1 – 8.
Please find attached to the following link more Early Bird Pledge Forms: Early Bird Parent Pledge Confirmation
Keep getting those pledges going Dragons!

Dragon Update – Jan. 28 – Feb. 2

Dragon Update for January 29 – February 2   

Dance-a-thon is Here!!

Our yearly fundraiser will be a Valentine’s themed Dance-a-thon, held on February 9, 2018. This is our major fundraiser for the year and we are really looking forward to it! We hope the students are collecting pledges so we can dance the day away!
Early Bird Draws start on Thursday Feb 1st!  Any students who have already raised $5 for our fundraiser are eligible for our Early Bird Draws – prizes include gift cards, lunch with a teacher, Valentines loot bags, and other fun items. Students will bring home a draw ballot on Monday to be signed by a parent or guardian in order to enter the draw.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Parking Safety
Thank you to everyone for your diligence in ensuring our kids are safe when dropping and picking your children up from school.  There will continue to be an increased bylaw presence in the kiss and drop area.  Please continue to adhere to the parking guidelines.  Thank you!

Liturgy on Tuesday Jan 30th @ 1:40pm

St. Dominic’s are “People of Faith.”  We continue to embed faith filled practices in our classroom and larger school communities.  We invite you to join us on Tuesday January 30th at 1:40pm to join in prayer and reverence as we celebrate in liturgy.  

Bell Let’s Talk Day

On Wednesday January 31st, St. Dominic’s will be participating in Bell Let’s Talk Day.  This is a day that is focused on mental health learning.  Our student council will share some facts and ideas around how to take care of your mental well-being.  Take a look at the link below to  get some ideas on how you can support mental well being in your home.

Can You Solve Me?

Using your math strategies, try to solve the following puzzles below – get a little math talk going around your kitchen table!

Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. Jan 29 – Boys Basketball – SEB at St. Dom’s
  2. Mon. Jan 29 – Intermediate Girls Volleyball St Dom’s at Sir Edgar Bauer
  3. Tues. Jan 30 – Liturgy at 1:40pm
  4. Wed. Jan 31 – Bell Let’s Talk Day
  5. Wed. Jan 31 – Gr. 7/8 – Skiing/Snowshoeing @ Laurel Creek
  6. Wed. Jan 31 – Grade 3’s Scientists in the school
  7. Wed. Jan 31 – Intermediate Girls Volleyball Holy Rosary at St. Dom’s
  8. Wed. Jan 31 – Boys Basketball – St. Dom’s at Holy Rosary
  9. Thurs. Feb 1 – Early Bird Dance-A-Thon Draws begin!!
  10. Thurs. Feb 1 – Girl Power Afterschool
  11. Thurs. Feb 1 – Pita Pit lunch


Weekly Dragon Update – Jan 22 26

Parking Safety

We have been meeting with the City Bylaw officers to gather ideas to make our parking areas at St. Dominic School a safe place for all.  In the Kiss and Drop areas, parents must use the inside lane closest to the sidewalk to drop off their child for school.  This ensures that no one has to cross over the laneway and ensures safety for everyone.  Parents who are parking in the outside lane, closest to Victoria Street may be issued a parking fine.  As well, please be mindful of not stopping or parking in front of the school as it a bus loading zone. A bylaw officer will be present over the next couple of weeks to ensure this rule is being followed.  In addition, the bylaw officer may issue fines for parents who are stopping on Victoria Street drop off their children for school.  St. Dominic School is in the process of creating new signage to help remind parents of the importance of safety.  We thank you for your patience and understanding as we refine these procedures in the spirit of safety for all.

CTV at St. Dominic’s!

Our very own Mr. Runstedler and some amazing students had the chance to be local celebrities this week.  We had a visit from CTV News on Wednesday to capture the great innovative spirit of our Dragon community.  We were able to showcase lego robotics, video editing, sphero challenges, coding, maker space, elastic car building and much more.  Students were eager to show their learning and engagement in many different ways.  Although it turned out to be a 10 second clip, we were featured on the news!  Amazing work Dragons!  The link to the full CTV broadcast is below.  Our school is featured at the 39 minute mark.

ECO Team

We have a strong ECO Team at our school with over 30+ members.  We have been working on goals to hopefully receive our Bronze Certification with ECO Schools Ontario!  One of our initiatives has been to improve our recycling and composting that takes place in our classrooms.  We have a dedicated group of students who look after this for the entire school each day!  Lots more initiatives to come!

Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. Jan 22 – Intermediate Girls Volleyball.  St. Dom’s at St. Matt’s
  2. Mon. Jan 22 – Boys BasketBall St. Matt’s at St. Dom’s
  3. Tues. Jan 23 – Senior Kindergarten and Grade 8 Graduation Pictures
  4. Wed. Jan 24 –  Columbus Free Throw Competition – Gr. 4, 5, 6 – in the Gym
  5. Wed. Jan 24 – Intermediate Girls Volleyball St Nick vs St. Dom’s
  6. Wed. Jan 24 – Boys Basketball – St. Dom’s at St. Nick’s
  7. Thurs. Jan 25 – Subway Lunch
  8. Thurs. Jan 25 – Columbus Free Throw Competition – Gr. 7 and 8 – in the Gym
  9. Fri. Jan 26 – PA Day


Weekly Dragon Update – Jan 15 – 19th

Dragon Update for January 15 – 19

Snow, Snow and more Snow!  What a blustery, snowy filled week!  With snow comes lots of opportunity for play and fun. Our students have really loved playing in the snow this week.  They built forts, slid down hills and lots of snow people creations were made!  Please continue to dress your child appropriately for the weather to keep everyone warm and safe!

Rocks and Rings – Our students in Grades 1-3 were treated to a day filled with Rocks and Rings!  A curling instructor came to the school to offer the students an experience to participate in curling activities and provide an opportunity for students to learn about the game.  A fun time was had by all! Take a look at the video link provided to check in on the action!

Mental Health Initiatives – Our Grade 7 and 8 students learned about mental health including ways to reduce and manage anxiety, depression and stress this past week.  Our mental health Lead from the WCDSB came to complete a presentation to our students using engging videos and discussion.  Thanks to Sharon Porty for your willingness to teach us important lessons in helping or well being.







Student Leaders in Action – Our very talented Grade 8 students had an opportunity this week to showcase the work that they have been doing with our Dragon Fit Program to a group of Principals from the Resurrection Family of Schools.  At St. Dominic, we believe that the best people to share what is happening at the school are the students themselves!  Way to go leaders and special thanks to the teacher champion behind the Dragon Fit program, our Grade 8 teacher, Anthony Van Looyen.







Dates to Remember!

  1. Tues. Jan 16 – School Council Mtg @ 6:15pm
  2. Wed. Jan 17 – Symphony Trip – Grades 1-3
  3. Thurs. Jan 18 – Boston Pizza lunch
  4. Fri. Jan 19 – Menchies Treat Day

Math Mash-Up!  Try this riddle at home to get your brains moving and groovin!!



Weekly Dragon Update – Jan 7 – 11

Dragon Update for January 8 – 12

We want to welcome our St. Dominic families back after a wonderful holiday break.  We hope that you feel rejuvenated and have had lots of time to connect with family and friends.  We look forward to continuing our learning as we enter 2018 with a busy month ahead!

Monthly Theme – Our monthly theme is “New Beginnings.”  Our students are starting a new year and teachers will be working with students on creating goals and plans for success in addition to being accountable for one’s choices.  2018 will be a great year filled with great ideas, new learning and lots of fun!

Winter Weather – Please be reminded that all students are expected to go outside each day during recess and lunch breaks.  Please ensure that your child has the appropriate winter clothing to keep warm as the weather gets cooler.

Whole School Mass – Prior to the Christmas Break we were able to take the entire school community to St. Mark’s Parish to participate in mass.  It was a joyous occasion as we prayed together, sang together and worshipped together as a large school family.  “Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God” and it was a blessing to watch our students offer prayers of hope to our Saviour Jesus Christ.  

Nutrition for Learning Program –  The NFL program will not run the first week in January because of the delivery schedule – we will continue to offer the program starting again the week of Jan 15-19.

New Year’s Goals for Kids!

As we take the time to reflect on the year ahead as adults, this time can also be a valuable teaching moment about setting goals and sticking to them for children as well.  The practice of choosing an achievable resolution for the new year can be a fun way for kids to develop their communication and decision-making skills.  Just keep in mind that resolutions should always be discussed in a positive way with children: for example, saying “I’m going to do this…” instead of “I’m going to STOP doing this…”  Take a look at the link below for some examples of goals that are fun and achievable!

Dates to Remember!

  1. Mon. Jan 8 – Return to School!
  2. Tues. Jan 9 – Rocks and Rings Curling Program – JK to Grade 3
  3. Wed. Jan 10 – Mental Health Presentations – Grades 7 and 8
  4. Thurs. Jan 11 – First Aid Training – Mr. Kropf and Mr. Jolly’s Class
  5. Thurs. Jan 11 – Pita Pit lunch