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Weekly Dragon Update Oct 2 – 6

Dragon Update for Oct 2 – 6

Another busy and eventful week at St. Dominic’s!  Thank you for joining us for our Opening BBQ and Meet the Teacher Night.  The hallways were busy with excitement as students toured their parents throughout the school.  Student work was celebrated and parents could engage in learning conversations with their teachers.  St. Dominic’s values the home-school connection and we thank you for fostering this as well!

Welcome to Ms. Detzler and Mr. Ford!  Ms. Detzler will be joining us in the Kindergarten room replacing Mrs. McCutcheon while she is on maternity leave.  Mr. Ford will be replacing Mr. Jackson as head custodian.  Welcome to St. Dominic’s!

The Terry Fox Run/Walk was an enormous success for our school.  The students were gathered in the gym for a mini-pep rally before they went out to show their support for Terry.  Mr. Runstedler engaged the students in a Dragon chant before our walk.  The excitement could not be contained as students walked, skipped and ran to the music all to support Terry Fox’s Mission to provide funds for cancer research.  Many thanks to Mrs. Herzog for her tireless commitment in raising funds and organizing this school wide event!

Quotes of the Week!

Grade 8 student“I can help you with that bulletin board.  I love helping around the school.”

Grade 3 student“Hey Mrs. Papp.  It is really hot outside.  You better wear a hat so your head doesn’t burn!”

Grade 4 student “I am running in the Terry Fox run for my uncle and my dog.  They should be remembered every day.”

Grade 6 student“I love wearing a sports uniform and playing for the school team.”

Teacher“I love how everyone is working together for the Terry Fox run.  Look at all of the smiles on the faces.”

Teacher“Look at the art work my students did.  I am so impressed with their effort.  They make me proud!”

Parent“I just want to say thanks for the coaches who put together the teams for the tournament.  It is such a busy time for everyone but they are still committed.”

Thanksgiving Food Drive – the food drive will take place from Thursday Oct 5th – 15th.  Please be generous as you consider donating non-perishable food items for those in need.  Thank you to our students who will be leading this initiative!

Take a look at the video of our very own Food Bank of Waterloo Region!

Dates to Remember!

  • Wed. Oct 4th – School Liturgy at 9:45am
  • Thurs. Oct 5 – Thanksgiving Food Drive begins!
  • Friday. Oct 6th –WLU Soccer Game – Grade 7 and 8 classes
  • Mon. Oct 9th – Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Tues. Oct 10th – School Council @ 6:15pm
  • Thurs. Oct 12th – Grade 8 Explore your Future at Conestoga – AM only
  • Thurs. Oct 12 – Grade 7 Needles


Spirit Wear is here!!  St. Dominic’s is boosting up their spirit by offering a wide array of clothing choices with our Dragon logo for you to purchase.  Wearing your school spirit helps students generate even more school pride and builds a sense of community.  All purchasing and payment is done completely online.  The link to our online store, including pricing is below.  There are also sample sizes in the main office if you would like to try on sizes before you order.  The online store will be available until Monday October 15th.  Orders will be delivered the week of October 23rd, 2017.  Don’t delay, order your spirit wear today!

Online store link:

FOND FAREWELL Mrs. McCutcheon and Mr. Jackson

The St. Dominic community would like to extend a fond farewell to both Nancy McCutcheon (JK/SK teacher) and Michael Jackson (Custodian).  They will both be starting new paths as Nancy will be off on maternity leave and Michael will be joining the team at St. Mary’s high school.  Their last day with us is Friday, Sept 29th.  We wish them both well and know that their presence will be missed here at St. Dominic.  Thank you for all that you have done for our school community!

Meet the Teacher & School BBQ Tonight

Come and join the St. Dominic Savio Catholic Elementary School,  at our Back to School Meet the Teacher and BBQ night.  This evening is planned to offer an opportunity to parents to come by the school, check out the classrooms and meet their child’s teacher.  We hope you take the opportunity to say hello to your child’s teacher and look at the wonderful student displays of work being shared around the school.

This event starts at 5:30 and goes until 7:00pm TONIGHT, Thursday, September 28th, 2017. 
From 5:30pm – 6:15pm:  parents are invited to walk through the school, visit their child’s classroom and meet the teacher.
From 6:15pm – 7:00pm: families can purchase meals including hamburgers/hot dogs, drinks and bag of chips for $6.00.  There will also be an ice cream truck, with many dessert options.
Food is available starting at 5:30pm, however we encourage you to meet your child’s teacher first as the teachers will be joining the BBQ at 6:15pm. 


Weekly Dragon Update Sept 25 – 29

Dragon Update – Week of September 25-29
Monthly Theme: Respect/Believe in Yourself
Twitter: See our Mighty Dragons at work on Twitter: @wcdsbStDominic
Nutrition for Learning starts Monday! Thank you, Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Ferguson

Another busy week of learning and connecting with each other!  Sports tryouts, committee sign ups, picture day and enjoying this great weather has us all filled with excitement for the year ahead!

Snapshots from our JK/SK students! 

Allowing children to actively explore, investigate and engage in creative problem-solving, is critical for their physical and mental health and well-being.  Take a look at our Dragons in action!

Quotes of the Week!

Take a look at what is being said around the halls of St. Dominic’s!

Parent – “I have the hope that my daughter will make some new connections this year!”

Parent – “It has been so great to connect with new staff here.  The energy is good!”

Grade 6 student – “I am so excited to go to the soccer tournament next week!”

Grade 2 student – “Look at all my healthy food in my lunch.  My mom said I have to eat my healthy food first before the good stuff!”

SK student – “I can do the letter S.  I can make it big and I can make it small.  It looks like a snake!”

Staff member – “Thanks for great professional development.  I really like teacher moderation!”

Calendar this Week:

  • Monday, September 25 – Nutrition for Learning begins
  • Monday, Sept 25 – Junior Soccer Tournament @ RIM Park
  • Monday, Sept 25 – Intermediate Baseball Tournament @ RIM Park
  • Monday, Sept 25 – Terry Fox Run @ 9:30am
  • Tuesday, Sept 26 – Grade 6 trio to Laurel Creek
  • Wednesday, Sept 27 – First People Festival – Tank and Kropf’s classes
  • Thursday, Sept 28 – WE DAY!
  • Thursday, Sept 28 – Opening School BBQ and Meet the Teacher starting at 5:30pm

Opening School BBQ – Thursday September 28th!

We are very excited for our school community to come together at our Opening School BBQ and Meet the Teacher Night.  This evening is planned to offer an opportunity to parents to come by the school, check out the classrooms and meet their child’s teacher.  We hope you take the opportunity to say hello to your child’s teacher and look at the wonderful student displays of work being shared around the school.

5:30 – 6:15 Parents are invited to walk through the school, visit their child’s classroom and meet the teacher
6:15 – 7:00pm School wide BBQ outside.  Families can purchase meals including hamb/hot dog, drink and bag of chips for $6.00.  We will also have an ice cream truck popping by in case you feel like a tasty dessert to go with your meal!

Terry Fox Run/Walk!

Terrance Stanley “Terry” Fox was a Canadian athlete, humanitarian, and cancer research activist. In 1980, with one leg having been amputated, he embarked on an east to west cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research.  To honour this great Canadian hero, we will be participating in our annual Terry Fox run/walk on Monday September 25th starting at 9:30am.  The students have always enjoyed participating in this event and sharing their good fortune with a worthy cause such as Cancer research.  Our goal is to reach $1500.00!  Thank you for your support!

A video link has been provided to share a bit of the history behind the story of Terry Fox.

Volunteers Needed: You are invited to be part of an exciting literacy program at St. Dominic School. Volunteers are needed to work with our Grade One and Senior Kindergarten children who need extra support with letters, letter sounds, and words. A  program called Strong Start Letters, Sounds and Words has been used very successfully in our school! Volunteers have consistently been excited about how much they enjoy working with the children and seeing the progress students make using the program!

We need your help to make it work! The program operates for 10 weeks. Volunteers work with one child at a time for about 30 minutes, playing games and activities that give the child lots of repetition in recognizing letters, sounds

and words. All the materials are provided and each volunteer attends two training sessions. You can learn more about Strong Start on the website –

We hope you can join us in this project. Let us know which days you are available and we will do our best to work around your schedule. If you have an interest and would like more information please call the school at 519-576-5503

Welcome to our School Council!

School Council provides parents an opportunity to contribute to the education of students at St. Dominic’s. What a great turnout we had for our first School Council Meeting of the year!  It was a wonderful time as we reconnected with returning members and were introduced to many new faces as well.  We look forward to a year filled with collaboration and community.  They have shared many hopes that they have for the year and we will use these ideas to anchor our plans for the 2017-2018 year ahead at St. Dominic’s!


Have a wonderful week!

Pat & Heather
Admin Team


Reminders from the Office – PICTURE DAY, BBQ, CASH ONLINE

3 reminders of events at St. Dominic Savio:
1.   Picture Day is tomorrow, Thursday, September 21, 2017.  If your child is absent there will be a picture retake day, but that date is yet to be determined.
2.  The School BBQ is on Thursday, September 28th, 2017.  This BBQ is a great time to meet your child’s teacher and to visit with the members of this amazing school community.
3.  There was a Cash Online event for Monday, October 23, 2017.  This was created in error as this is a PA Day.  All individuals who purchased pizza for this day have been refunded.

Weekly Dragon Update Sept 18 – 22

Dragon Update – Week of September 11-15

Learning is everywhere!  There have been so many sights to see in the hallways, out on the field and in the classrooms of St. Dominic’s.  Students engaged in great numeracy inquiries, older students buddying up with younger students to read and groups of peers learning new technology in our Learning Commons.  St. Dominic’s is a busy place of learning and fun and we plan to keep it that way all year long!

Snapshots from our JK/SK students! 

Our inquisitive JK/SK students are learning how to make patterns and recognize patterns.  They are also completing an inquiry on Monarch butterflies!  All this in only the first couple of weeks!  Way to go Dragons!

Quotes of the Week!

Take a look at what is being said around the halls of St. Dominic’s!

  • Parent – “Wow, what a beautiful entrance to the school!”
  • Parent – “I am so happy that the JK/SK yard has been extended.  There is so much more room!”
  • Grade 7 student – “I am not sure I understand multiples and factors very well.  Can you help me?”
  • Grade 1 student – “I think that the puppy wants to make friends with the other animals.  I hope they don’t leave him out” (while reading a book).
  • Grade 2 student – “Come look at my work.  I tried my best.  Do you like it?”
  • Grade 4 student – “My tummy hurts.  I think if I sit in the peace garden it will get better.”
  • Staff member – “This week went by so quick!  My class is so lovely!”

Upcoming Dates

  • Mon. Sept 18 –  Bus Patroller Training @ Budd Park (am)
  • Tues. Sept 19 – School Council @ 6:15pm
  • Wed. Sept 20 – Grade 2/3 Trip to Safety Village
  • Thurs. Sept 21 – Lifetouch Photo Day in gym
  • Fri. Sept 22 – PA Day

Message from our Grade 1 students:

Grade 1 students from Mrs. Coelho’s class are remembering to “Be the Reason someone smiles today!”

Numeracy – Problem Solving, What & Why?



One of the main reasons for studying mathematics is to develop the ability to solve problems. Problem

solving is the process of applying what we already know to new and unfamiliar situations. This ability is

not only critical to our children’s future needs, but also to a productive society and even human progress

itself. In these early years, children develop attitudes and beliefs as to their ability to learn mathematics.

By learning mathematics through problem solving, children can make sense of why they need to know

their basic facts.

How Can Parents Help?

  • Be enthusiastic. Let your child see how excited you are about solving a problem.
  • Provide time and talk about problem solving. Be patient with your child. Let them work at
  • their own pace. Talk, talk, talk! Talk about options, strategies and ideas for problem solving.
  • Reinforce risk taking. Children need a great deal of security to risk being wrong. When they
  • begin to realize that they can learn from their mistakes, they will try harder to complete the
  • problem.
  • Reward perseverance. Instant success is not always possible in learning mathematics.
  • Encourage children to keep trying by asking them questions that will lead them in the right
  • direction.
  • Use children’s experiences. As often as possible, base problems on children’s everyday
  • experiences at school and at home.
  • The best way for your children to become good problem solvers is for them to solve problems, lots of
  • problems! Also, it benefits children to think about how they solved the problem afterwards. In this way
  • they may use their strategy to solve similar problems in the future. There are no best ways of
  • solving a problem.

Here are some strategies to try with your child:

  • act it out
  • use objects or model
  • make a drawing
  • make a graph or chart
  • make a list
  • guess and check
  • sort and order items
  • look for a pattern
  • look for all possibilities
  • solve a simpler problem
  • choose an operation
  • think logically, use what you know





On behalf on Ms. Medeiros and myself I would like to say thank you for making the first couple of weeks back to school an exciting adventure. It’s been wonderful to see all the students return with such enthusiasm.

We would like to just send out a couple of reminders from the office:

I’m sure you all have noticed how many bees are out and about at this time and how slow and silly they are being. Due to this we are asking that anyone that has allergies to bees please bring in their EpiPens as soon as possible.

At St. Dominic Savio we practice Safe Arrival. This means, that each day we take attendance in the morning and in the afternoon to ensure all students are where they are to be. In order to ensure that our Safe Arrivals are working for best practises it is required all parents/guardians call our attendance line before 9:15am, if your child is going to be late or absent. Please call 519-576-5503 ext: 1 to get the attendance line. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

Students received post cards regarding donations for Nutrition for Learning. Nutrition for Learning is a program that helps deliver nutritious snacks to all Students at St. Dominic Savio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will begin on Monday, September 25th.  If you would like to send in a donation just place this monetary fund into a zip lock baggie or envelope and mark it “Nutrition for Learning”.

Cash Online is up and running. If you go to our school website (, in the top right corner is out “School Cash” icon, which will take you directly to Cash Online ( Cash Online is an easy way to purchase items for your child for Pizza Day and excursions.

Again, thank you for helping us making the start of 2017-2018 a successful one!



Jennifer MacKay

Dragon Update – Week of September 11-15

Dragon Update – Week of September 11-15
Wow! What an incredible first week of school! Students have been fully immersed in getting to know their teachers and peers. They have been busy outside playing on our school yard, making new friends and enjoying their school community! We are excited about this year at St. Dominic’s and we look forward to a year filled with optimism and hope!

Quotes of the Week!
Each week we will highlight a couple of statements heard from our school community at St. Dominic’s to try to share with you how people feel about our school!
Parent – “Thank you for welcoming my daughter into your school community. She is feeling very comfortable and I want to thank you for helping her adjust.”
Grade 8 student – “I am so excited for graduation!”
Grade 4 student – “This is going to be the best year. I am going to be unstoppable this year and get better at math and try new things!”
Staff member – “I have felt so welcomed by everyone. This place has a great energy!”
SK student – “I love my teacher! She has the prettiest hair!”

Upcoming Dates
Sept 19 – School Council @ 6:15pm
Sept 21 – Lifetouch Photo Day
Sept 22 – PA Day
Sept 25 – Terry Fox Run (10:45am)
Sept 27 – First People’s Festival – Grade 5
Sept 28 – WE Day – Toronto
Sept 28 – Meet the Teacher/Family BBQ Night

Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success—both in school and in life. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior and have a better chance of graduating from high school. For example, young elementary school students who miss an average of just two school days per month often have difficulty keeping up with their peers academically and tend to fall behind in reading. But when students can read on grade level by the end of third grade, which is when kids transition from learning to read to reading to learn, they are three to four times more likely to graduate high school and attend college, post-graduate, or professional development classes than their peers who struggle with reading. (

If your child is going to be absent from school it is important that you phone the school to let us know. If you are connected to our voicemail. please leave your name, your child’s name, the teacher’s name, and the reason for absence.

Agendas are a great way of keeping up to date with school events, class assignments or communicating with your child’s teacher. Please look at them on a daily basis and use this as a means of communication.

Kiss and Drop
We ask that all parents exercise great care and caution when driving their children to school. Please, always slow down and be aware of students walking to school. Also, we ask that you take into consideration the following reminders: In the morning and at lunch many parents drop their children off at school. If you plan to do this, we ask that you: (a) Drop your children off as close to the end of the kiss and drop area located on Victoria Road. (b) If possible, pull to the right-hand side and drop them off at the curb. (c) Have the children prepared with their belongings. This way they can get out of the car quickly, allowing the next car to pull up. We will continue to have “Kiss and Drop Patrollers” monitoring the area. They will be wearing brightly coloured vests and their main job is to ensure safety of ALL of our students arriving at school.

We thank you for your assistance in ensuring our students arrive to school safely.

Students who are eligible for bus transportation should have been contacted by the bus company. If not, please contact them at:
Student transportation Services of Waterloo Region website:

Regular bus students are expected to display exemplary behaviour at all times. Students will practice bus safety and bus evacuation procedures. If you miss the bus at the end of the day, please stay at school and report to the office. Do not leave the school or try to walk home. The school will contact your parents and make arrangements for you to get home safely.

Math Problem – Engage your mind!
We challenge you to incorporate math into your everyday conversations at home. Have a discussion about this problem and let us know how it went! If you want more, check out this estimation website:


Pizza Mondays are once again coming to St. Dominic Savio.

Pizza Mondays are brought to you by Gino’s Pizza.  Students can purchase cheese or pepperoni slices for Monday Pizza Days.

In order to purchase a slice of pizza, please register for Cash Online.  Once you register you can purchase pizza for each week in September.  All orders for Pizza Monday must be made the Thursday before the Monday Pizza Day.  Each slice of pizza is $1.75.

Pizza Mondays for September include: Monday, September 11, 18 and 25.  Please ensure if you wish your child to receive pizza on Mondays that you purchase this item on Cash Online the Thursday before.